SOCIAL FEATURE – PuregemcoFitness


Would you like to be featured on our social page?

We are currently opening a new offer to all of our customers who choose to participate.

Customers may submit any media of themselves in our clothing for the opportunity to get a $100 CASH store voucher with no minimum purchase! If we deem your submission as a good fit and suitable to the theme of our page, and reward you with this $100 Store Voucher!

It is important to note, that while appreciated, we cannot post every single submission. We are looking for the following characteristics to fit our feed.


For social feature submissions, please email us here. Please submit your name and profile information with your photo. We will contact you within the week and post your photo with you tagged if it is chosen.

You can also message us via Facebook or you may send us a Direct Message and get in touch with our marketing department directly on our page. 

Unfortunately, if you have a private account, your submission will not be posted.

If you have any other questions, please contact us!

We are looking forward to working with you.