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What Happens When You Have Too Much Sugar?

Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, sugar adds a significant flavor. It is quite a wonderful taste especially to kids who undeniably love sweets. However, too much of it is inarguably bad for your health. Numerous research and health studies have presented over-consumption of sugar as one of the prime causes of obesity cases and also triggers other health problems. What’s more upsetting is the difficulty to control the amount of sugar we consume per day.  

If you think that tracking the number of calories is the hardest, then you might want to have second thoughts about it because sugar is far villainous to your body. Why? When you are too much preoccupied with avoiding fat and cholesterol, you tend to eat “healthy” low-fat food which in fact turns out to be loaded with sugar. Alarming as it may sound, sugar is indeed lurking in your food even in the dishes you least expect it to be – taking you by surprise with no suspicion at all!

Reasons to Avoid Sugar (and it includes Refined Sugar!)

There is nothing wrong with sweetness and relatively speaking, sugar in its’ natural state is actually harmless. It is also somehow necessary for our bodies to function well. However, it must be taken in just right amount and it is important to be wary in everything you eat because candies and sweets are not just the sole culprits you have to watch out for sugar content. You can find sugar in fruits, vegetables, and even dairy products as “Fructose” or “Lactose”.  It becomes even more of a problem when sugar is added in the processing of foods as an added flavor, for texture as well as for color.

According to American Heart Association, the recommended sugar intake for women must be around 6 teaspoons or 100 calories; while for men, it should be around 9 teaspoons or 150 calories per day. But sadly, we are eating way more than the required limit. Perhaps you are one of the people who try to eat food with less sugar and yet, on the other hand, you are a bit lenient with refined sugar. It is understandable to be quite obsessive with refined sugar – thinking that it is not entirely bad for your health. Here are the reasons that will surely wake you up from the sweet smell of sugar!

A Silent Thief who robs your Health.

Excessive sugar consumption is bad for you because it is linked to various health conditions. We all know how sugar is the prime instigator of Diabetes and develop risks for certain cancers. Aside from increasing the inflammation which targets insulin resistance, it also weakens and damages your Immune system. By the time you eat sugar or any sweet stuff, the efficiency of your white blood cells are lowered from its’ required defense level so it becomes weak to fight infection or diseases thus compromising your immune system. Furthermore, it steals the essential minerals needed by your body. Commonly, it leaches out the potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium; so it also weakens your bones and teeth. It is also a major factor for your high blood pressure which is linked to heart disease, stroke, and other coronary conditions. You are also likely to be subjected to the lower level of HDL, the risk of fatty liver, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and even cause suffering from asthma. Other health risks are kidney disease, chances of developing gout, metabolic syndrome as well as the risk of having an impaired memory which may lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s.  

Active Contributor of Weight Gain.

Too much sugar is the culprit behind your food cravings.  By consuming excessive fructose, it primarily weakens your resistance to “leptin” – the hormone responsible for regulating hunger. Without it, nothing can stop your body from eating thus increasing your hunger and desire to eat more food.  Instead of curbing your hunger, it increases the risk of obesity and may lead to visceral fat accumulation – the riskiest kind of fat cells that are connected with heart disease and cancer. So if you cut the sugar, you are also cutting the increase of visceral fat which is located deep in your abdomen that will eventually reduce your belly fat along with having fewer chances of being subjected to dangerous health conditions.

Triggers Premature Aging.

We age year by year and wrinkles will surely appear regardless of our health. However, it is still important to take care of your body and be wary of our food choices that may speed up your skin aging process.  Consuming foods that are high in carbs and sugar (even refined sugar) can produce “Advanced Glycation End Products” (AGEs). This compound is formed by the reaction of sugar and protein inside your body which targets collagen and elastin – the ones responsible for keeping your skin from sagging. Did you know that it is also linked to acne? Sugary food is associated with the possible increase of androgen secretion, inflammation and oil production which contribute to the development of acne. So if you don’t want your skin to lose its’ firmness, fairness and keep its’ youthful glow, cut the sugar intake. By doing so, you can also prevent the increase of cellular aging.

Affects your mood and increases the risk of Depression, Chronic Fatigue, and Hyperactivity to children.

We sometimes eat sweet stuff for sugar rush because food high in sugar does spike your blood sugar and serotonin-level hence an increase of energy. However, it is just a temporary high energy – a fleeting one that is actually bad for you. With blood sugar swings, you can be subjected to major fluctuations in terms of energy levels. Yes, you can have a swift energy boost but it is actually followed by sharp drops which as a matter of fact considered as an energy-draining cycle. Furthermore, it is detrimental for your mental health as it may cause and trigger the development of depression, irritability, mood swings and chronic fatigue. That is why it is important to maintain a consistent and stable energy level. Same goes the blood glucose level for kids.

Tips to Quit Sugar

You might not even realize right away the impact and the bad effects it may bring to your health because you are caught by its’ sweetness. But let us not be enticed by the sugar tricks! Here are the best ways on how to effectively say goodbye to the sweet allure of sugar.

  • Say “NO” to Sweets and Sugar-filled Drinks. Choose water and unsweetened seltzer. You can also squeeze lemon or lime and try adding mint or cucumber into a glass of sparkling water. Energy drinks and sweetened tea are bad choices along with soda and even a 20-oz bottle of Vitaminwater.

  • Be Firm in Avoiding Artificial Sugars and Carbs. Choose gluten-free food and desserts. Examples of artificial sugars you must avoid are Stevia, Equal, Splenda and NutraSweet. You must also void dairy-based pastries like cakes and doughnuts. But if you really are craving for something sweet, you can try alternatives like fresh fruits, dates and Greek yogurt.

  • Learn How to Read the Label.  Know the other names or alias of sugar so you can identify them once you read them from the food label. Corn syrup, beet sugar, coconut sugar, apple or grape juice concentrate, sucanat, turbinado, agave syrup, and muscovado are just a few of the common alias of sugar.  Anything that also ends with the suffix “-ose” is actually a type of sugar too. Examples are sucrose, lactose, glucose, fructose and even dextrose.

  • Be Keen with the Sauces. You have to be careful with the sauces like ketchup, sweet chili sauce, and barbeque sauce because there are some brands with high sugar content.  Instead, why not use natural spices like dried herbs, yellow mustard, Harissa paste, fresh chili, and Pesto.

  • Plan and Set your Meals with Whole Foods. Focus on buying fresh ingredients and whole foods. The best way to cut the sugar intake is to make sure that you are truly eating healthy food so prepare homemade meals instead of buying from fast-food restaurants or food stalls that may contain added sweeteners. Make sure to include lean meat, fish, tofu, and legumes in your dietary plan.

  • Don’t Be Easily Lured by the So-Called “Healthy” Processed Snack Foods. Cereals and granola bars actually contain sugar. Try swapping them for a roll of oats paired with banana slices. As much as possible, cook from scratch to avoid added sugars and always choose unprocessed grains.

  • Keep these tips in mind but take it slow. You can try the no-sugar diet but it must be done gradually in consideration of the way your body can cope with the sudden loss of sugar. With the less-sugar lifestyle, you are investing in an overall wellness and a healthier future!

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