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Top 3 Essential Morning Workouts for an All-Day Energy

When it comes to waking up early and exercising in the morning, it is quite easy to just keep hugging your pillow than doing you’re a.m. workout. We know how you feel and simply rolling out of the bed can be a hard thing to do especially if you are not a morning exerciser. But today, you wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore! Let us share you some of the essential morning workouts that will surely wake your muscles up! So why not kick your body into gear with these recommended routines that will effectively secure an all-day energy!

Morning Workout #1: Walking

Most experts and fitness enthusiast recommend 45 minutes up to an hour workout per day. For beginners, it will be at least 30 minutes. However, not everyone has the pleasure of time since there are other things to manage such as school, kids, and work. No need to feel guilty or down if you can’t devote time exclusively for workouts. You can still do basic workouts like walking. It is actually considered to be the best form of exercise as it uses your whole body. No need for equipment, you can do this routine wherever and whenever convenient for you. Other falsely assumes that it doesn’t give much of an impact but it offers benefits for your wellness. Plus it serves as a foundation for an effective method in terms of increasing your fitness level.

Morning Workout #2:  Stretching, Push-ups, Squats, and Scrunch

Get your yoga mat and a towel ready so you can start on this second set of morning workout routine. First, warm up your body with a stretching inchworm. Simply stand with your feet hip-width apart with your arms by the side. Stretch your arms overhead while taking a deep breath in. As you open your arms out to your side, exhale and slowly bend to the floor with your knees down while pressing hand flatly to the ground. Release your hip to the floor and arch your lower back wherein your head is lifted while looking at the ceiling. As your stretch, take a deep breath in and hold for 1 count and then exhale as you draw your abs tight. Lift your hips back up into a full plank position and hold it for 1 count. Afterward, slowly walk your hands back up to your feet and return to standing position.  You can then proceed to notch up the routine with some set of power push-ups, sumo squats and then side crunch for a double-duty move.

Morning Workout #3:  Double Leg Lift and Knee Twist

For “Double Leg Lift”, conveniently lie face-up on the mat or the towel you have prepared. Extend your legs upward in the direction of the ceiling. It should be in a 90-degree angle form with your arms at the side. The main point in this routine is to keep your core engaged while making sure that your lower back is pressed to the mat. Slowly lower your legs down as much as you can but your lower back must stay on the mat. Then lift your legs back up from the starting position. Proceed with the routine of “Lying Knee Twist” by extending your arms outstretched from your shoulders. The palms facing down while your knees are bend making a 90 degrees angle. It should be like you’re in a tabletop position and then slowly lower your legs to the side while maintaining the angle. Go as far as you can possibly twist to the right while making sure your shoulders stay on the mat.  Then lift your legs back to the center with your knees tuck as you draw your abs tighter. Do the same process to the other side and alternate it for a full 1 minute.

Why not get fired up, roll out of the bed and lace up those sneakers! Let your body out of the snooze mode with these routines and be able to accumulate the trigger points that will boost the energy you need for the day; though don’t forget to pair it up with a hearty breakfast!

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