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The Underlying Truth for Weight Loss

You might have heard a lot of people pitching in their point of views when the topic of the conversation is about weight. Regardless of age and era, this is has been a hot issue – wherein there are clashing thoughts about it.  Majority of the population, whether it is a male or female, considers weight to be a concern a person must be cautious about because it is important to keep watch of the possible number that will show in your weighing scale. Others seem to be lenient to the point of thinking that it is not too much of a big deal as long as you get to eat anything you want, and food cravings moments are “a-must-fulfill-mission”. However, WEIGHT DOES MATTER! After all, the number on your weighing scale somehow represents how healthy and fit you are.


However, losing weight is difficult even though many people keep on telling you that it is easy because you can choose any particular method that’s convenient for you. Taking a slimming pill or buying an equipment promoted to be a big help in reducing the belly fat are just a few of the options laid out for you to try. Also, you have probably noticed how there are endless commercials of weight loss products or services, along with the newest diet, are introduced day by day and yet there are still many who struggle with overweight problems.

Therefore, you are not alone with the question “Why is it hard to lose weight?”, so let us share you the weight loss secrets and the crucial truth about it!


The Real Culprit of your Weight Gain

As a matter of fact, one of the insecurities most women have to deal with is a stubborn belly fat. It is maligned to interfere not just with your overall look in terms of OOTD but more detrimental to your health; since it is also associated with other health risk like diabetes, heart disease and more. So it is truly a great choice to head out to a gym or exercise at home in order to burn the calories you got from all the food you eat the whole day or the entire week. Initially, we thought that just by cutting down your meals will do the job or doing some vigorous workout routine is enough to reduce the number you are currently seeing at your weighing scale. But there is more to it. You must know the things that hold you back in achieving the taut, flat and smooth stomach you’ve dreamed about.  Check out these hurdles you need to overcome in order to get yourself lose the unwanted pounds and be on the right healthy track!


  1. You might be missing some nutrients needed by the body.

We know how it can be frustrating when you see another extra pound so you are determined to kick up your diet a notch. It is understandable to desire in pushing yourself in losing your weight by being strict with what you eat. However, it is important to know that diet doesn’t actually simple work easily. You must learn to properly balance your meal and choose the right diet. Because when you just simply eat salad the entire week, you are missing out on the other nutrients needed by your body. For example, when you have low iron or vitamin D deficiency you’ll go to mess up your immune system which then saps your energy so you’ll have a higher chance in eating unhealthy food like having too many sweets and too many carbs to compensate whenever you experience low energy level. So you must not follow others in their diet plans. DO NOT be tempted in randomly choosing a diet trend that seems to be rising in popularity. It is best to consult your dietician or healthcare providers to ask specific nutritional tips and diet strategies so you can properly set a balanced and well-structured diet meal that’s ideal for you. Keeping a food journal is also a plus!


  1. Your metabolism and gut are slow.

Paying attention to what you eat actually has a great effect on your weight though another factor that contributes to the difficulty is something that’s unavoidable – it is your age! As we grow old, our metabolism slows down which hinder us to efficiently burn the calories. Same goes for our digestion because we are more likely to experience digestive issues often than when we’re young. Did you know that you are required to have at least once or twice of bowel movement per day? So if you have slow bowel movements, it can be quite troublesome for you. To ensure that you have a properly digestive track.


  1. You have an unfair fight with genetics.

There are indeed some people who actually stay thin and slim even after eating the same amount of food which could have probably added extra pounds on you already. The reason behind it is the unique nutritional blueprint everyone has. The science of Nutrigenetics identifies the correlation of gene variants in terms of specific or different responses to nutrients which supports the influence of the genetic factor associated with how your metabolism works unlike others’. So you can say that diet and genetics influences each other when it is about nutrition interaction.



  1. You have a lot of temptation from your surroundings.

Be careful with environmental factors too. A lot of research and studies presented the obesity issue to be highly linked with what surrounds you. Common environment factors considered to be big temptations are the sedentary lifestyle, the physical demands of your work which can potentially stress you out over time so you are prone to eat more, unhealthy urges from donuts, street food carts, vending machines and even your co-worker who keeps on bringing junk food. Instead, be firm with your diet and remind yourself to always pick healthy choices no matter where you are and at all cost!


  1. You ignore the wonders of having a support system.

Having someone who will encourage you to keep up with your healthy diet plans can do wonders! It is incomparable when there is a support system that will push you throughout the process because dieting is a hard ordeal. He/She will surely cheer for your efforts and will constantly remind you what you want to accomplish!


  1. Your fitness goals are misleading.

It is important to set reasonable goals and not be overly stoked with big goals right from the start.  Why? Because setting big goals can quite a bit impossible to be a success – especially when everything is rushed.  Check your eating habits, metabolism, workout plans, genetics, and your time/ availability to exercise in order to determine what’s reasonable for you since it is different for each person. Try to focus on weekly goals that can be set for a long-term weight loss strategy. It must be something you know you can achieve and then once completed you can then test yourself by leveling it up.


  1. You must have the willpower and the right attitude

One of the key factors, if you want to lose weight, is self-control or willpower. How confident are you in avoiding a box of chocolates? Can you resist the food you’ve been accustomed for years especially the unhealthy fast-food meals you used to eat? Be firm with what you want to achieve. Your mental health must also be strong enough to fight off the temptation of any decadent desserts. Though what’s even harder to deal with is getting past the habit of eating your comfort food when you are experiencing emotional problems like depression. Without realizing it, you are succumbing to the clutches of weight gain. So as much as possible do your best to avoid stress-eating and emotional-eating.



Exercises that are Proven Effective to Lose Weight

If there is no genuine commitment in making the right healthy decisions then you won’t be able to truly grasp the secret of losing weight. You might be forever trapped in being categorized with the people who tried and tried but didn’t get lucky. So take a look at these effective workouts proven to help you achieve the slim and taut body!


  • Crunch – This is super effective if you wish to tone your stomach and acquire abs. You can include different variations of crunch routine and mix it up with some planks.
  • Push-Ups – Considered as one of the classic routines, this strength-training workout doesn’t simply help you get abs but also targets your chest, arms, and shoulders for well-built muscle and strength build-up.
  • Squat and Reverse Dip – Performing 6 sets of squats (5 reps) for once or twice a week will give you a higher chance to maximize your muscle-building routines and provides an efficient fat-burning effect. You can then alternate with a Reverse Dip for further results.
  • Lunge – This is a great conditioning routine that firms your backside while strengthening your glutes, calves, hamstrings, and quads. It can help you burn around 200 calories per 30 minutes but not nearly the same rate as Aerobic exercises.
  • Jumping Jacks – It is categorized as one of the Aerobic calisthenics that helps you burn calories faster. They are easy to perform and can make your whole body move which allows you to say goodbye to the unwanted pounds. You can mix it with other workout routines.
  • Cardio – It is important to allow 30 minutes of walking per day because it can elevate your metabolism. Make sure to add specific intervals and another routine with your cardio, like jogging and even jumping jacks. With such intensity builds up, it can effectively reset your metabolism and burns more calories per session.


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