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Learn Smart Meal Prepping to Achieve Your Health Goals

How do you plan your meals? Are you a person who eats whatever is convenient to grab and bought from the nearest food joint? Or do you take time in making home-cooked meals? Either way, food is something that we must give proper attention so as to make sure that our body indeed gets the required nutrients and much needed the energy to help us keep going throughout the day.

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Heartburn: How It Starts and How to Cure It

Have you ever felt a burning sensation that suddenly renders you in such pain? If you have experienced it just under your breastbone which stretches up to your throat while creating a sour taste in your mouth then you are likely suffering from Heartburn. You might say that heartbreak is incomparably painful but Heartburn is a bigger concern because it may develop into a more serious health condition. But how much do you know about heartburn? You might be thinking about what causes it and how can you avoid it? This is a health guide that will help you take an inside look and learn all the important facts you need to know!   Understanding Heartburn Whenever you feel a...

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Pregnancy Fitness: Is It Safe?

For active women, it is a bliss when it comes to maintaining a regular exercise. But when there’s a sudden change that requires you to have second thoughts on going to the gym to workout, it can be truly deliberating. When you are expecting a baby soon, which is undeniably a bundle of joy you can look forward to, you might be thinking of stopping your intense workout and go on hiatus on your fitness program. But the truth is it shouldn’t be that way of thinking because exercise takes an important role during your pregnancy!

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5 Ways to Motivate the Family to Workout – Including the Kids!

If you have finally decided to start working out, then let us give you a big high-five!  Aside from eating a proper and balanced meal, exercising is undeniably another vital factor that helps you to be fit and healthy.  Perhaps you have a recollection of how your parents often take you to biking, hiking and other outdoor activities. But due to the busy schedule and change of lifestyle, there’s a tendency of being complacent and even less time to spend a morning run.

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