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Secrets Revealed: You Might Be Preventing Yourself from Getting Strong, Toned Arms

Are you bothered with your saggy arm flab? Do you wish to have a sexier body that is at least a tad close to celebrities with rock-star bods like Rihanna or JLo? Or perhaps you want to be able to wear sleeveless again but you are being hindered by so-so arms? 

Let’s admit it, one of the main reasons why we workout is not simply because we wish to have a healthier body. More often than not, it, unfortunately, comes second after the reason of wanting to have a better physique. People tend to do exercises that can help them acquire washboard abs, slimmer waists, and toned legs. However, did you know that, next to abs, arms take the second spot in regards to which the body part most people have a concern with? As such, a lot of beginners ask trainers for help and laid out their worry-filled questions. A few of the frequent ones are how to make the arms toned and get rid the flabbiness. Though having a flabby arm doesn’t mean you are in obese or in a “plus-size” category.

It is important to understand the science of muscles particularly on your upper arms. Essentially, you’ll learn why you get flabby arms and what could be the things you are doing wrong. After all, your arms will always make peekaboo appearances no matter what the season is, that is why it is understandable to crave for a picture-ready look.

So in order to say goodbye to the jiggly, wiggly part at the back of your arms, let us share you the secrets of how to sculpt your arms just the way you want it – sleek, strong and toned!


What Causes Fat and Flabby Arms?

It is quite tricky actually because the term “perfect” in regards to upper arm aesthetic value can’t be put into an exact number. Why? Others may initially think that the girth matters but it doesn’t correlate to the arm’s firmness value. Regardless of the fitness level, any woman can have cellulite which are commonly accumulated and appears on “seized muscles”. These muscles particularly pertain to a certain location wherein the sagginess or flabbiness may occur. Major muscles that are usually targeted are the following:

  • Triceps Brachii - muscles that run along the under-part of the bone of your upper arm.
  • Latissimus Dorsi – the large muscle which connects our lower back and hips to the arms.
  • Teres Major – This muscle is responsible for connecting our shoulder bone “scapula” to our arm.

Technically, the saggy under-part of your arms isn’t just loose skin but it is laden with cellulite and body cell debris which eventually accumulate fatty nodules resulting to the unpleasant lump. Furthermore, once our body becomes strewn and strained, there are chances of “body cell debris” build-up which can affect the bulges to grow.

According to a national survey and some research studies, women tend to be more neglectful when it comes to toning. One of the few reasons and considered to be the top in the list is the fear of acquiring buffy muscles like those of the arms of a wrestler and weightlifter athletes. It is time to ditch that misconception. You don’t have to be envious of other women’s arm anymore. No need to cover your arms will long sleeves and get ready to flaunt your beautiful arms soon once you learned the following mistakes you could be doing because turns out, you might be the one who’s preventing yourself from getting the arms you want.


You Are Aiming for the Wrong Goal.

Getting the arms you want is a combination of factors you must keep in mind. However, there is also a potential for doing some mistakes that could make your toning go wrong. First is when you are doing so many isolated movements. Yes you may concentrate on basic movements but NEVER target one area only. You have to learn how to periodized your routines but at the same time add a sense of variety to your workout plan. Try doing multi-joint exercises of push-ups, lifting weights, and pull-ups. There must be a change that will break the routine because doing the same exercise over and over can cause a workout plateau – so that means no progress for your arm size as well.

Some of the things you can try as effective arm tips and reminders are changing your grip when performing your bicep curls and extension. However, make sure to be not too attached to those two exercises because you have to be proportion when it comes to building muscle mass. Try some tricep toners, deadlifts, getting on the ball, swing across bars and even rowing a boat which can give you spectacular arms. Swimming is also a great exercise that will challenge your arms. Remember all the small stuff, record them in your tracking notebook and the most important of all - don’t forget to stretch before and after your workout.

Posture, Shoulders and the Back Are Actually Rolled As One.

Once you find a woman with amazing arms, you will notice how she also has nice shoulders. It is a combo that goes hand in hand with your posture as well. So let us not be fixated with just the arms. Taking care of all of your muscle groups will absolutely be a great advantage for your overall body built and wellness. Don’t neglect the need to exercise your shoulders and workout routines that target your posture because they both supplement the form of a slim and well-sculpted arm. A great example that can challenge all of these three is when you are going for a drive.  Whenever you are driving, stuck in traffic or parking your car, you can tone your arms, exercise your shoulders and be mindful of your posture at the same time.


You’ve Forgotten to Keep an Eye on your Diet

It is quite easy to be immersed in your workout. However, you must not over-train your arms. Take a rest, not just in between routines but an actual rest day because you should not overly strain your arms for the whole week since technically muscles grow when they are in resting state.  Use your time to check your overall muscle mass because aiming to get strong and well-sculpted arms requires a well-prepared body which you can only potentially have if you eat a proper meal daily. Can you imagine yourself lifting weights and performing some push-up or pull-ups while your stomach is grumbling due to hunger? Apparently, you need to eat more and create a nutritional diet plan that will help you to do all the routines so you can keep up with challenges of every exercise.


With your determination and dedication with your workout, while following the recommended routines, you’ll surely get positive results. However, be mindful of tracking your progress so you can truly have REAL progress. Even though there is no actual exercise that can perfectly zap away the arm fat, there are special arm exercises that can effectively help you make them slimmer and achieve the sleeveless-to-die-for impact-worthy! Check out our 5 Ultimate Arm Exercises So You Can Say Goodbye to Flabby Arms. Discover more of workout tips and fitness facts through our Blog. We also have the latest chic workout clothes suited for all body types! Plus get the chance to enjoy awesome offers and discounts if you join our VIP membership club. So sign-up today!