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Pregnancy Fitness: Is It Safe?

For active women, it is a bliss when it comes to maintaining a regular exercise. But when there’s a sudden change that requires you to have second thoughts on going to the gym to workout, it can be truly deliberating. When you are expecting a baby soon, which is undeniably a bundle of joy you can look forward to, you might be thinking of stopping your intense workout and go on hiatus on your fitness program. But the truth is it shouldn’t be that way of thinking because exercise takes an important role during your pregnancy!


Should You Say Goodbye to Exercise When Pregnant?

Nothing compares the joy of knowing that there’s another life growing inside you. Just imagining how after 9 months you can soon hug a cute little baby in your arms is an incomparable feeling. But it isn’t easy to handle pregnancy – with your lower back aching most of the time, trouble sleeping and all of the bloating plus swelling! That is what to expect when you are expecting.  If you want to know how you can possibly lessen the pain and minimize the aches, exercise is the answer!

Working out during your pregnancy will help you to handle it easier as you learn to adapt your changing shape and particularly your weight gain. Some of the benefits you can acquire are:

  • Help you get prepared and be able to cope up with the upcoming labor.
  • Boost your mood.
  • Improve your posture and lessen discomfort of fatigue.
  • Reduce the level of pregnancy pain and aches
  • Helps you handle pregnancy symptoms like constipation and morning sickness.
  • Quicker Postpartum Recovery

Regular exercise can help you stay healthy and feel your best just like when you used to be active. Engaging in physical activity can also prevent the chances of you being subjected to “Gestational Diabetes”. This refers to the type of diabetes that develops during pregnancy. As such, it is recommended to stay physically active but at the same time, continue your fitness in moderation.

Pregnancy fitness is indeed safe but don’t try to exert too much energy in keeping up the intense workout you used to do. You must not exercise at the same level as your former self and instead perform routines that are comfortable for your body. It is also encouraged to consult your health care provider in case you don’t actually exercise regularly before.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, it is recommend for pregnant women to allot at least 30 minutes or more for moderate exercise. It is best to be scheduled most of the days in a week. Some easy and simple routines that can be done within the 30 minutes are walking, vacuuming and even a few light yard work. However, if you have medical complication or sensitive pregnancy case, it is best to refrain from exercise. For example if you have asthma and heart disease, doing some fitness routine might be harmful and not advisable as it may promote pregnancy –related conditions like bleeding, premature births or worst, possibility of miscarriage. That is why, seeking and consulting your health care provider is a MUST. Plus they can also provide personal pregnancy fitness reminders which tackle limits and exercise guidelines.


What Fitness Routines Should I Do During Pregnancy?

The key point you must keep in mind is to take precautions and do not overdo things. There are quite a number of exercises which are considered to be safe to perform during your pregnancy and here are some of them:

  • Swimming– This is considered to be the perfect pregnancy workout because in water you weigh less so you’ll feel lighter and be more agile in performing the exercise. But scuba diving is a BIG NO.
  • Water aerobics – This is a “third-trimester” fitness favorite because when doing this the expecting moms won’t overheat and won’t feel like a big clog.
  • Brisk walking – This is the easiest exercise and no hassle at all because you can squeeze it in anytime you want. Plus you can continue until your delivery date.
  • Group Dance and Low-impact Aerobics – Zumba is a great example of a group dance which can help you increase your heart rate and provide the needed level of endorphins into your system. But be careful on some movements that require too much action like jumping. Also make sure that you are learning the Low-impact aerobics from a certified aerobics instructor.
  • Yoga –With itss’ gentle movements, this is another good way to strengthen your core. Since it emphasize breathing and meditation, it will be beneficial to your pregnancy. However, avoid exaggerated movements such as twist, stretch and bending in your second half of pregnancy. There are lots of pregnancy-safe yoga moves or “Prenatal Yoga” you can try.
  • Tai Chi – Another form of meditation that allows you to exercise in slow movements. Just like yoga, it lets you strengthen your body but you must be keen in taking pregnancy-specific classes only.
  • Pilates and Barre– There are pregnancy-appropriate Pilates that can provide comfort for your backaches and improve posture along with flexibility that will surely come in handy on the big day. It purposely tone your abdominal muscle that will provide support to your belly. But make sure to look for tailored classes. Same goes for Barre classes since it will involve balance routines.
  • Indoor stationary cycling – This is another exercise that can be beneficial for your body. However, it is important to tone it down if you have been doing this before you got pregnant. Take it slow and gently pedal at your own pace. That way, you can avoid risks of falling or such injury that can harm the baby.
  • Outdoor sports like hiking and biking – It might not be good to hike or bike but if you are an experienced athlete, you should be able to do these routines even at the early stage of your pregnancy. But it is advisable to get your doctor’s approval to know the limitations and be able to adjust specific modifications.


You can keep your daily routines as long as you feel comfortable. Extra pregnancy fitness tips is to always warm up before you start your exercise routine. When the weather is hot, avoid doing strenuous activity. Never forgot to bring bottled water or a tumbler with you because you need to drink plenty of water. Make sure that you are exercising on a flat and leveled surface to avoid accidents. If you are going to do floor exercise, it is best to get up slowly to prevent possible injury, slipping, tripping or sudden dizziness.

Now that your body demands extra care, we hope that through these information and tips you get to understand pregnancy fitness better so you can effectively adjust your fitness program as necessary.

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