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Practicing Self-Love for a Healthy Life


Long gone are the days were women simply stay at home because in every office and street you can see women bustling about here and there as they go through their daily routines. It is quite common and well-accepted how modern women face all the challenges head on. At some point, they are so driven in accomplishing everything in one go. However, don’t push yourself too hard just to animate the word “Strong Woman”.

Empowerment doesn’t mean you have to throw yourself in every challenge you can find. Rather than charging blindly armed with pure bravery, it is much more than what we initially think of. It actually puts a sense of self-worth as well as improving the quality of life. You can aim for the top employee of the month by going extra mile in every task you do, or you can put too much pressure on yourself just to snag that coveted promotion at your company. However, often times, in exchange of those goals we have set we tend to forget one important thing – to let ourselves enjoy life. One of the misconceptions for most career women is delaying the much-needed rest or break from their hectic schedules. After all, it is never a good thing to put too much on your plate. Take time to breath and actually see what the world has to offer – that way you can also see what your body is telling you, inside and out!


The Link for Overall Wellness

There are a lot of things you have to think about like for work, school, bills to pay and family matters. But how confident are you in socializing with world? Got enough time to spend with your partner or friends? You have to learn how to properly manage the things that surrounds you because they can influence and create an impact on you – in big or small ways. Amidst all those things that make you busy and pre-occupied, never forget to take care of yourself.

Self-care is one of the top requirements if you truly want to live life.  Yes, we all know how hard it could be but you must help yourself from being battered with exhaustion due to the desire of being a well-rounded human. Focusing too much on achievements and excessive expectations can burn you out with negativities and mental fog in which the consequences may also affect your body and mental health.

It is necessary to take a break in order replenish and nourish not just your body but also let your mind be recharged for tomorrow’s life challenges. Just imagine how you power up and exhaust yourself on working too hard that people tend to be distracted in eating proper healthy meals. How many times have you pushed off any fun activities because you are too caught up with your goals? At the end, even though you have already achieved or succeed in reaching your goals, you’ll then realize that you are too depleted to truly celebrate. Rather than creating the happiness you so desired and envisioned, you are now consumed with abominable stress to the point of being a self-critical and unhappy version of you.

So before you turn into a crabby person and manifest the stress into a bigger problem, learn how to properly take care of yourself better which will eventually contribute not just to your mental health but for your overall wellness.


How to Live Well?

You need to pamper your body, heart and mind. Don’t let your self be eaten up with self-induced pressure. We’ll share you effective Self-Care tips that will support your mental health and enable you to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Over-thinking is a Big NO.

Within a day, there are various things that boggle our mind. We got questions, concerns, worries and obligations that can make our brains go on a haywire. Being too much of a thinker can be influenced by the way we see things. More often than not, we tend to look more at the things we don’t have instead of the things we have accomplished so far. We must re-evaluate our priorities while balancing our obligation. Learn to reset limits and have expectations with reasonable timeframe. Take time to rest and play while balancing everything.


Accept Yourself.

We’ve all heard the old adage “Love yourself first and everything falls into line”. This quote simply state that self-love compels every aspect of life to work altogether. It is important that you love yourself first and understand that it is not a selfish act. By doing so, you can have inner stability which gives you resoluteness that will give you strength against any negativities or potential uncertainties that may come your way. It also serves as a motivation to keep on standing when you experience such momentary setbacks. Embrace yourself but at the same time don’t make excuses on your capabilities. The way you are now can go farther than what you have set as a limit in which you can turn any of your weaknesses into a building block that will let you push through closer to your dreams.

You Have the Power.

Our brains hold an incomparable control over our body and most of our thoughts are processed there. Appreciating yourself requires believing in yourself and only you have the power to make it possible. Keep in mind that you are unique so stop comparing yourself to others. Each of us have our own struggle in life and no one is exempted from the threat of mental health condition. Before we seek others help, we must encourage ourselves to fight because the will to be strong must come from yourself first. However, from time to time allow yourself to cry. When everything seems to be too much of a burden on your heart and mind, let it go. Never hold it in and then indulge yourself with a self-soothing method. By doing so, we can practice self-care which supports mental wellness.


Always Go Green on Everything.

Green is considered to be the color of life and it represents growth.  Whether it is your favorite color or not, we must learn to go green on everything. Don’t hesitate to leave your comfort zone and explore various things that can help you develop into a better version of yourself. It is you who knows yourself best so take time to give your body a mindful attention. It primarily pertains to ensuring your meals are healthy and at the right time. Check each part of your body and listen to its’ needs. You must also learn to unplug yourself from the social media world and go outside to exercise. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin as you punctuate your day with beneficial activities like running around the park, brisk walking, meditation classes like yoga and other workout routines that trigger your body to move. With proper diet and active lifestyle, you can expect mental wellness.

Add some spice and fun rituals on your “ME-time”

There are chances where we can create habits, though some of them can be considered good yet we must also learn to break them from time to time. Unless you want yourself to get bored and feel unmotivated with life, one must add spontaneous changes in order to spice-up your life. You can create some activities that will sort of become a fun ritual for your alone time. Great example is getting a Movie-night or getting down for some boogie! For you to truly say that you’re living your life to the fullest, one must know how to goof around or else you’ll get a stoic serious face. Give your body a treat, have enough sleep and make sure to have a good laugh!


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