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Learn Smart Meal Prepping to Achieve Your Health Goals

How do you plan your meals? Are you a person who eats whatever is convenient to grab and bought from the nearest food joint? Or do you take time in making home-cooked meals? Either way, food is something that we must give proper attention so as to make sure that our body indeed gets the required nutrients and much needed the energy to help us keep going throughout the day.

However, what you need to know is the essentiality of healthy meals. People tend to slack with the importance of balanced diet due to their hectic work schedules and other factors that take up a larger portion of time from their daily routines. So the drawback in such situation is eating less or filling up your body with unhealthy food. Often times, people find it easier to just grab a burger with fries, a burrito or perhaps some corndog you bought from a food booth near your office. It is time to put a stop to this unhealthy regimen. It doesn’t have to be time-intensive or complicated! All you need to do is learn how to make smart meal prep that is guaranteed healthy.


Meal Prepping Matters

Keeping your body strong and optimizing your metabolism through exercise and getting plenty of sleep are just a few of the factors you need to give proper attention. More than that, eating healthy meals is considered to be the top contributor to ensure that your body gets enough nutrients and failing to do so results to lacking the key source of nourishment.

Knowing the right foo to eat, how much you should eat and the time of preparing the meals can be quite arduous task. But meal prepping is a great way to make sure that you’ll get to eat a well-balanced meal. You can opt for your staple food and prepare them by batch or in a number of different ways. No need to take time in guessing what you should eat for the day because you have prepared ahead of time. Plus you will be rewarded by regulated metabolism which leads to better nutrition and at the same time, lets you save more money.



The Do’s and Don’ts

Strategically, the basic rule is that the meal must be healthy. Though should you simply put every food you think is healthy into one food container? The answer is NO. Here are some of the things you should do and should not do when it comes to Meal Prepping. 

  1. Be Comfortable in the Kitchen.

The first thing you must do is to be comfortable in the kitchen. It is important to spend time cooking and preparing meals at your kitchen so that way you can also effectively prep your meals with ease. Though healthy food isn’t a “cure-all” pill you can simply replace for medicine, it undeniably takes a great influence and creates a big impact on your wellness.


  1. Any Recipe will do.

This is one of the common mistake people tend to do. You must be careful not to selectan unhealthy recipe. How can a recipe be considered unhealthy? Well, not entirely unhealthy but it is more of setting the wrong meal. For example, when you are meal prepping, you choose recipes with high in calories, sodium and saturated fat it might likely result to health issues. So the solution for this is to prepare smart meals that are evenly measured all-throughout the day. It is recommended to have at least 350 to 400 calories for breakfast and then by noon have a meal with 550 to 600 calories. Though don’t cut too much calories to the point of drastically making yourself hungry. You can have two to three snacks at 175 calories and then you can have 150 calories at dinner.


  1. Be a Master of Dividing your Meals.

Customize a Weekly Meal Planner to help you in meal prepping. It is easy to write your recipes and meals you plan to prep. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply list them down in table format or you can easily search for a downloadable meal planner. Aside from that, it is recommended to invest in lots of Tupperware, food containers and zip-lock bags. Once prepared, you must learn how to master the best way to divide meals so you can secure enough portions you need for the day. That way, you will not have too much food in one container or left with a little amount which may trigger you to buy at a food joint or a grabbing a box of pizza just because you are still hungry. Also, don’t over-prep so you wouldn’t waste excess food or end up with an over-packed refrigerator. Ensure that you follow safe food handling procedure to keep them safe and avoid contamination.


  1. Be Organized with your Food Shopping.

It is true that making a menu can be quite difficult, but food shopping is also one of the things you have to lookout for in order to have a successful meal prep. The best way to ensure that you’ll get all the needed ingredients for your meals is to have a list prepared. Make sure that you have a grocery list before you head to your trusted supermarket or store. Organize the list by categorizing them as per meat, dairy, produce and other sections you want to cover for your meal prep. Plus, you’ll less likely to forget stuff or waste time going all around the store to check what you need to buy. By doing this, you can secure your pantry with healthy choices and be able to store smart.


  1. Try to follow the lead of Guaranteed Meal Prep Masters.

Get inspiration from Meal Prep Master like Kevin Curry of the Fit Men Cook, or take time to visit a good bookstore to find meal prep cookbooks. You can also search for an online cookbook and other Meal Prep guides that can boost your culinary literacy. Discover how they’ve started prepping nutritional meals and you’ll surely enjoy the experience of learning new hacks and tips from well-known chefs and Meal-Prep Masters!

With these pointers, you can guarantee your health and so as for your family. Don’t let such a mistake sabotage your healthy meal prepping efforts. Save yourself from the trouble of making a decision every meal time because you can save not just time but money as well with your well-prepared meals. All you need is to savor the taste!

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