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Know the Workout Mistakes You Might Be Doing

If you think that once you’ve overcome the beginning stage you canplay it cool, then you got it all wrong.  We know that it is never easy to workout. Of course, everyone started as a “novice” and eventually get comfortable with the routines or training program.  But did you know that even you have worked out for years you can still make “rookie” mistakes?

After learning the basics and spending a good amount of time from your busy schedule just to head to your favorite gym, there is still one thing you have to lookout for. It is to make the most of your workout. You wouldn’t want your efforts and hardwork to go to waste, right? Since the most frustrating part is the possibility of not getting the results, let us share some of the common mistakes that you might be doing which affect your progress and subconsciously sabotage your success.


Are You Guilty of these Workout Mistakes?

Do you want to know what could be the mistakes you probably doing which may hinder you to truly achieve your fitness goals? Check them in the list below.

No need to warm up and stretch.

One of the misconceptions you must avoid is the thinking that warming up and stretching are only for beginners.  Although you have been working out for quite some time, you mustn’t misunderstand the essentiality of these basic exercises. Actually, they’re the most important part for any kind of fitness routine and at the same time considered to be the most forgotten.

You must prepare your muscle joints and every part of your body because failing to do so might put a grave burden on yourself. So make sure that you perform comprehensive warm up routines and dynamic stretches. Even a 5-minute walk will do as long as there is a movement preparation for your muscles and body. After your workout, stretching can also help in muscle repair and build up strength for your next workout. There is also lesser risk of injury if you properly warmed up and stretched.



Any clothes will do as long as it’s comfortable.

You’ve probably observed some gym etiquettes such as cleaning and putting back the equipment after using. Same goes for wearing the right clothes. Don’t wear the wrong clothing just because you think it is comfortable.You must choose wisely because it will affect your workout performance. It is advisable to find your ideal workout gear that can wick away the sweat and can keep up with your exercise. It shouldn’t be too loose or too tight so as not to constrict your movements. Shoes are also important. Look for the ones that are designed for fitness trainings. Instead of focusing on the colors of the shoes, you must check for its’ features that will promote and ensure maximum support.  Though you can still choose to be stylish yet never forget that the top priority is the comfort and support it can give.


Setting up astronomical goals.

There is nothing wrong in dreaming big but you must also consider the importance of setting small goals. We know how intense a passion can be when it comes to getting the results you want. But when deciding for your fitness program or letting your trainer know what you want to achieve, you must not shun off the idea of taking it little by little. Instead of leaping too high or making your progress fast, you can focus on setting up goals that can motivate you to attain bigger once you’re ready. It is like playing a game wherein you must start at Level 1 and then proceed to the next level once you’ve completed the initial stage. Don’t tackle an astronomical goal all at once because it may lead to failure and disappointment.


Being too hard on yourself.

When you feel that you can workout all-day and straight all-week, then you might be overdoing it. There are some people who have a lot of energy and excitement when they first hit the gym to the point of thinking that they’ll attain their fitness goals soon if they keep up the fire burning. However, not just because your mind is in the zone, you’ll be stressing and pushing your body to its limit. Remember, don’t go to hard and too fast – just enough and moderate pace. You can ask your trainer for advice and discuss the possibility of the timeframe you want so you’ll know how to complete your routine in just the right amount of time because it is also important to care for your body. That is why, make sure you eat a proper balanced diet and drink lots of water to replenish your energy. Workout can be grueling so you have to keep an eye on your body needs.


Over-rest between sets and Inconsistency on your workout schedule.

Let your body get enough time to recover. This includes proper nutrition, hydration and sleep. However, you must keep an eye on how long you take your breaks because it mustn’t be for too long. It is also important that you schedule your workouts correctly. Not just because you feel great after one workout doesn’t mean you can relax and then have the second “Gym Day” after a few weeks. Or perhaps you’re feeling sore all over and you can’t handle the pain so you wouldn’t want to continue the next day, then you are bound to fail in terms of consistency. You must honor your commitments, at all costs. Mark your calendars just like how you set your other appointments.  It is recommended, particularly for beginners, to workout for three times a week. You may cut down your routine if you really find it hard but you must never skip.


Avoid heavy weight lifting to prevent your body from getting bulky.

Some may say that the heavier the better while others don’t want to lift any weights at all; just because of thinking that their body will probably turn out bulky. But it isn’t actually going to happen. There are many health benefits from weight lifting and the challenge is quite rewarding.  Though, you need to lift the proper amount of weight in order to avoid injury.There are specific workouts that can make your body bulky, build your muscles and even let you acquire abs, so don’t solely blame the weights. Plus your trainer will surely recommend the right routines if you truly don’t want a bulky body.


Sticking with the same routine.

Don’t rely too much on cardio or perform the same thing for years. You must avoid sticking to just one exercise because you’ll be hitting a plateau – with no progress at all! Why not try cross-training or mixing up your exercise with different routines? It is necessary to ensure that you keep on your fitness goal but at the same time create new goals to work out so it will never be boring and tiresome. That is why, it is also important to track your workouts so you can monitor what is lacking and what type of routine receives too much attention. There will be no chance of missing out because you have prepared a layout plan or sort of a system you can follow which serves as a guide towards your success.


Whether you are doing one or two of these mistakes, it is not too late. You can fix it. By making a habit on the correct action you must incorporate with your workout, you can definitely improve, build confidence and reach your fitness goals!

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