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Is it Actually a Good Idea to Wear Make-up While Working Out?

One of the reasons why we are so determined to workout is to have a better body shape that’s fit and enviously beautiful.  Though we must not forget that we are doing it primarily to be healthier which also must apply to our Skin Health.

You might have noticed how many are being crazed on posting with “Gym Selfies”.  From Instagram and other social media platforms, you’ll get to see more than just a dozen of people sharing how their day was at the gym and it’s no wonder you might want to have one too. With the rise of this kind of photo trend, it’s no wonder many are choosing to wear makeup while exercising. It is simply because we want to look our best plus the pressure can be quite intimidating. Once you take a look around, you’ll no doubt see others are doing it so in order to keep up with the image, the gym then turns out to be a place where you’re no longer free to be careless with your looks. We are somehow expected to be not in our absolute worst look even we have to deal with trickling sweat along with moments of gasping for breath and their dark circles surrounding your underarms. That is why, as much as possible, we wear snazzy workout clothes while avoiding our face to be slick with sweat and hair mustn’t be messy or comparable to a bird’s nest; rather it should be pulled into a flattering ponytail.

However, did you know that there are consequences to it? Actually, this is a bad habit for most women because it is a bit hard to give up the desire to look our attractive selves while being active in fitness. Some may reason out their lack of time in which they just barely had enough minutes to change into their gym clothes and couldn’t clean their makeup off right after they finished at the office. Before you know it, your skin is damaged even though you’ve achieved a perfectly-toned body. So, let us share with you the truth about exercising with makeup on and the ways to secure your skin health!


Is Working Out with Makeup Really Bad?

Whether you have intentionally applied makeup or can’t simply avoid it because we are crunched for time after a tiring day at work, it is still technically bad for our skin. A lot of dermatologists recommend rethinking before applying makeup just for the sake of appearance on photos or gym selfies. Want to know why?

When exercising, our blood vessels expand and it increases the blood flow to our skin which then opens up our pores. Plus we can avoid sweat which is expected when doing any kind of routine or workout. And for every time you exercise with makeup on, sweat, toxins, bacteria and other waste material are trapped under the layers of makeup. This interferes with the way our skin works and prevents the dissipation of heat from our body which eventually leads to pore-occlusion. It is important to let your skin breath but if it is blocked, you will most likely get blackheads, larger pores, acne flare-up and uneven skin texture such as being prone to skin dryness. We must remember that the whole point is for the sweat to evaporate but instead, we are the ones who cause the demise of our skin’s health.

Though if you really want to still look glam when working out, all you need to do is to know the types of makeup that are acceptable and learn how to treat your skin with utmost care.


Best Ways to Look After Your Skin When You’re Working Out

Worrying about your appearance can make you do things you thought to be alright with your health. Ultimately, “No-Makeup” look is recommended by dermatologists but there are some makeups that are somehow tolerably fine to wear when working out. Just keep in mind the following skincare health tips that will help you determine which ones are alright to use.


Cleansing Your Skin Before Exercising is Important

You have to learn to say goodbye to eyeliners, mascara, eye shadows, and blush-on powders because they need to be wiped off clean. After all, they are likely to be smudged when you are exercising. Surely, you wouldn’t want to end up with a smeared and sticky makeup, right? So take time to cleanse your skin first and always keep a nice and soft towel handy. Choose your cleanser carefully. It must be sulfate-free and with no synthetic fragrances.


Use Hydrating and Antioxidant Skin Products

Make sure to check the products for their labels and specific features offered. Look for the ones labeled as “non-comedogenic” which technically won’t clog your pores. It is also important to have enough antioxidants on your skin to fight off the free radicals that have been built up in your vigorous workout so applying a light serum is a must. Good examples are the Hydrating B5 serum and Phloretin CF from SkinCeuticals. 


Don’t Forget to Apply an SPF

When exercising outdoors, your major concern is the effects of the sun on your skin. You might think that it is pointless to wear sunscreen because you’ll probably sweat it off but there are sweat-resistant sunscreens available! You must not be lenient when taking care of your skin. Always make sure to apply sunscreen with a good SPF content. Choose the ones with higher SPF ratings because they block more UVB rays.  Plus most sunscreen actually has a moisturizing base that offers moisture for dry skin.


No Foundation Please

As much as possible don’t use foundation because it is the number one makeup that clogs your pores.  Make sure to stick with lighter powders. Don’t be tempted with heavy oil-based liquid makeups. Heavy foundation is not the only thing that can help you cover up the acne or blemishes. Use tinted moisturizers which are very light on face if you wish to conceal certain breakouts or uneven skin.


Cleanse Your Skin Again When You’re Done with your Workout

Right after your workout, you must immediately cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser. Do not be misled by facial wipes when removing your makeup. Water and soap or recommended cleanser is still the best choice. It is advisable to wash off your face in a circular motion as if massaging your face as well. Rinse thoroughly but do not be too rough. Most dermatologists recommend using Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Also, it is best to bring your own towel instead of using the ones at the gym because bacteria can live in the fibers of the towels even if they are already laundered and appears to be brightly clean.


With these tips, you can look selfie-ready without shunning the importance of skin health care. However, completely removing your makeup, all of it, is still the best thing to do! So you must be wary of not just how you look to others but more importantly what it is more important in terms of being healthy.


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