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How Can Plus-Size Body Handle the Difficulties of Fitness?

When it comes to Fitness, there is no rule in regards to the required body size. Whether you are slim or more of a plus-size body, you can indulge yourself in experiencing the benefits of working out. Don’t let anything keep you from exercising to have a healthy and fit body!

It is so easy to be distracted with the busy schedules and be lenient when it comes to eating especially when food craving strikes! However, fitness isn’t just about how to get six-packed abs or getting the waistline you want to fit into a tiny dress size. Yes, it can help you lose weight but more importantly, it will help you to see the real you, change the way you feel about your body, and improve your health.

Obesity or having too much excess weight defines a rather higher mortality risk relating to certain diseases, hypertension, dyslipidemia, high blood pressure, diabetes, apnea and depression. That is why working out is indeed a great thing you must ignore since exercise is a vital key to boost your wellness and can bring forth lots of health benefits!

But moving around with a large body mass can be difficult. So how can you start a workout routine if you are overweight? Check out these lessons that will guide you to achieve your fitness goals!


Lessons to Take

  1. Love Yourself.

Before anything else, you must start your fitness journey by understanding your body. Yes, there are differences when it comes to body size which means your abilities and limitations are unique compared to others. By facing these realities, you can customize your workout and at the same time love yourself – which is the topmost important. You must exercise out of self-love. Not because you are driven by self-loathing. Fitness should be an act of love towards your body. So find the motivation to be a healthier version of yourself but not to the expense of hating what you look or what you are now. However don’t neglect to visit your health provider to ask key questions so you’ll know necessary procedures, limitations and modifications you may apply in terms of monitoring the intensity of your desired physical activity or fitness routine.


  1. Find your Perfect Gear.

It is necessary to pay attention to what you wear when working out. Proper workout gear and footwear are basic tools you need. If you are not prepared enough then you are like a soldier without a gun who’s about to go to war. Why is it so? Because working out can actually be compared to a battle in which your body, mind and heart are about to be tested. So you must be prepared at all cost!

Find the clothes you are comfortable in, but not the casual clothes you usually wear at home. It is important to get the right outfit just as how dedicate are you in sorting out your OOTD (Outfit of the Day). Though, we understand how it isn’t simple because when it’s about finding clothes for a larger body, not all brands offer plus sizes. Measurement does vary but you shouldn’t be disheartened. There are fitness stores with plus size in their size charts like the Lane Bryant and Avenue or if you want an easier route, you can search online. You can check out for plus-size from online stores such as


  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Move and Experiment with the Routines.

Never be hasty in deciding for your workout routine.  Yes, you can simply search for the fitness program that’s best for plus-size adults but it is also necessary to plan carefully. There are some routines that might not work. So the best approach is to face it like an experiment. Don’t be afraid to search and learn. Be active instead of restraining yourselfin movements. Let your body weight settle and adapt smoothly. You shouldn’t attack hard right off the bat or else you’ll be miserably sore which then discourage you to continue the next day. Take it slowly so as to you make your body adjust to the challenge of working out. Start with gentle workout and once you get the hang of it, you can then level-up your routines.


  1. Toughen Up your Heart.

There are instances that you wouldn’t want to go to the gym because of the fear of other people looking at you. Just thinking of how you can possibly be embarrassed is something you wouldn’t want to happen. The chance of being a red-faced caused by struggling to complete your workout is indeed a great hold-up for you to take a step out of your home. However, the truth is that nobody else is actually watching and will criticize you for coming to the gym. So you must toughen up your heart because you can’t get the results you want if you’ll simply stay at home.


But you must also take one step at a time. Start with one day, one week, then a month and you’ll finally see a bigger picture of your fitness program. The key is to keep moving forward and you’ll eventually get what you want – where your efforts will pave off into a fruitful result.


  1. Balanced Diet and Daily Fasting.

Working out is hard so it is natural that you’ll get tired and hungry. But with the fear of wasting the calories you’ve just burned out, some people tend to drastically cut their food and that is a mistake you should avoid. You must not starve yourself.  If you cut your calories, make sure that your diet still entails a balanced and proper fasting so that your body is well-fueled.


  1. Find your “Thing”.

This refers to defining your goals.  Just like how a person spent his leisure time with a hobby, try to find your epic “Thing”. It might be signing up for a marathon, weekend-hiking, and even rock-climbing class.  Challenge yourself with these kind of goals as you simultaneously work out. This will add spice to your routine and also boost your mood. Isn’t it rewarding once you’ve attained these type of goals? So mark your calendar for such special events like 5K Community walk, Obstacle Course Race or have fun at a Color Run event.


  1. Know the Best Workout for You.

You can hire a fitness trainer who can guide you throughout your fitness program. You can also try joining a class for overweight people. A great example for group fitness is enrolling to a Fitness Boot Camp or perhaps joining the Zumba sessions held at your community. Plus you’ll have an extra bonus of making friends!


If you’re not comfortable with groups, you can try enrolling to a trusted gym for a special class or private fitness program. The advantage of having a personal trainer or customized program is that the attention for every routine is on you – every exerciseis suited for your fitness goals. 


However, let us share you some of the basic but definitely the best workout you can try even at the comfort of your home!

  • Walking
  • Jogging or Aqua jogging
  • Lifting weights
  • Biking or using Portable Peddler
  • Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi


Exercise matters for everyone of every size. That is why for those who are overweight, don’t worry too much of your size because it is not a barrier that should stop you in achieving a healthy and fit body. You will probably have setbacks, but never hesitate to enjoy life!

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