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Health Secrets: Top 5 Foods for Better Focus and Cognition

Being healthy is not just about physical strength or how many healthy foods you eat. It also pertains to your mental health. It is necessary to give attention to your ability to focus and cognition. After all, your brain health is as important as your body to be able to justify your entire wellness.

Whether you are a marathon runner, a dedicated fitness enthusiast, or perhaps a Spartan racer, you will need not just a strong and fit body. You will also rely on your strength of mind. However, for fitness, sports’ sake or not, it is a vital factor that we always use in our daily living.  That is why it is only natural to be prepared and think of how you can improve it and give proper care for it.

Why is it Important?

The same way you have dedicatedly plan your fitness program, making choices for your diet is quite crucial. Of course, you would want to determine the best choices that will help you shape your body and secure your health efficiently. 

We may be complacent at most times, but it is imperative to check how well your focus is or how much can you control or manage your cognitive skills. Why bother? Simply because without them, you can’t truly face life and think of ways how to overcome a challenge; even a simple math problem will be quite difficult to solve if you don’t have them both.

Having the ability to focus is considered to be the greatest power of a person’s mind. Whatever we do and whenever there is a need for completing a particular task, we use our focus in order for it to be accomplished. It is a way of concentrating your brain power to be able to find solutions to the problem. However, there are people who struggle to concentrate on the task at hand and thus make it hard to do to the point of taking a long time to declare it as a mission accomplished.

One of the reasons for poor focus is poor nutrition. This means that your brain isn’t getting the needed nutrients and you are eating the wrong food because you are too much preoccupied to know which ingredient or food can help you in losing weight. You have to feed your brain right so it will function well and acquire better focus. Fruits and vegetables are a great help if you want to improve your concentration. 

Undeniably, you’ll realize how focus takes a key role whenever you are battling chores at work, at school when you’re trying to ace your exams, and finding ways to make life easier. Plus did you know that lack of mindfulness may promote brain aging?

On the other hand, you need to care for your cognitive skills as well. Cognition refers to the ability to accumulate knowledge or every bit of information our brain may acquire through learning or by experience. This relates to how you process the information you’ve to acquire and make use of it in your daily living. By converting the pieces of information into an interpretation and evaluate them in making decisions.

We all know how we always make a decision in every action we do per day. Countless decisions have always been made. That is why, understanding the power of our cognitive skill is important and how much of a role it holds in terms of our perception, memory, and reasoning. It also affects our emotions and integrates them into actions, habits and mere body movement.

With that being said, make time to care and improve your cognitive state. Boost the power of your brain. Passionately plan your nutrition because it will greatly help you to have a better focus and cognition. Choose the ingredients and foods that will help you keep your mind sharp, focused and cognitive. Eat the ones that will provide mental benefits and incorporate them into your daily dish.


Foods to Eat to Be Brain Healthy

Wondering what are the ingredients or food that can help you to have a better focus and cognition? Our brain requires vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients, a steady supply of blood glucose and many more. And you can get them from various food, you just have to know and be able to determine which ones can provide the much-needed amount of nutrients for your brain.

By having a better mind, also means a better life wherein you can be more productive and handle life much easier. In order for that to happen, what you eat is something you must not take lightly. It is possible to improve your concentration and cognitive skills. We know you can do it. That is why there are the 5 foods or ingredients that can help you achieve it.


  • Eggs–Don’t let the fear of cholesterol content hinder you from eating eggs. They are actually now considered as a healthy part of any nutritional diet. Why? It is a good source of B vitamins (B6 and B12) which plays a role in a healthy and well-functioned brain. It also contains “choline”, an important nutrient that produces “acetylcholine chemical” which in turn beneficial for brain and nervous system function


  • Avocado – Aside from nuts, this is a great example of healthy high-fat foods that are good for brain health. Enriched with beneficial fats and vitamin E, it can significantly improve your concentration and cognition. By eating one avocado per day is very helpful and recommended in order to lower the risk of brain function decline.


  • Salmon – This is particularly good in terms of brain-boosting and considered to be one of the richest sources of omega 3. It is an essential fatty acid that can improve your brain health. Though in some cases, it may be a bit pricey but eating this fish at least twice a week can be beneficial for you.


  • Turmeric – Herbs and various spices are mostly used to enhance the taste of your dish to make them favorably delicious meals, but they are also brain-healthy. Try to add rosemary and turmeric into your grocery list because they are particularly beneficial for your brain.


  • Nuts – Eating nuts can help you acquire better cognition. They have “polyphonic compounds which is known to reduce inflammation to the brain. This plant nutrient is particularly found in walnuts. So try to eat them as snacks instead of buying processed chips at the grocery store. Plus it is easy to add to some of your favorite dishes like topping your salad with crushed almonds or perhaps bits of pistachios.

As much as possible, please avoid white sugar, MSG, and artificial sweeteners. Instead of canola or soy oil, use coconut oil. Also from time to time, treat yourself with a bar of dark chocolate. Trade your chewing gums for peppermints. Make sure to eat plenty of green leafy vegetables. Keep these reminders and you’ll be on the right track in improving your focus and cognitive skills –the influential factors in securing a healthier and happier life. 

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