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Health Check: Habits That Are Bad For Your Wellness

People have different personalities, preference and habits. However, there are instances that your habit can possibly be another person’s habit. Ironic isn’t? But it is true because by nature we are actually creatures of habits. Some of our habits are done subconsciously or sometimes we inadvertently picked them up from other people who mostly are close to us.

Though, habits can be quite detrimental to our health. You might not know that some of your usual actions or things you commonly do can cause harm to your body. There are some subconscious practices which you might think are not harmful to you but they actually stealthily affect your wellness.  Check out these following bad habits you should put a stop to make sure that you are living a truly healthy life.

Bad Habit #1:  Being an imperfect human means you have a valid excuse to have a negative attitude.
It is natural for us to feel down and blue but it shouldn’t be a hindrance to see the beauty of life. Usually, our mood is a factor that can influence not just our way of thinking but our way of eating thus producing an effect towards our health.

We all know how important it is to eat healthy because it affects our body entirely. It is same with our emotions. According to many studies and health experts, our emotions are associated with how we can decide in securing our health. When the heart is filled with sadness and heartbroken, people tend to eat something sweet or other comfort food to ease the agony. On the other hand, when a person’s quite mad or extremely upset they tend to neglect eating and look for other means to forget the feeling.As such, happy people tend to have healthier and happy bodies. Why? It is due to “Emotional Vitality”. This refers to positive perspective in life in which filled with enthusiasm, hope and optimistic social engagement. It also characterized the ability to handle stress and face any life challenge with a good emotional balance. If not, then you are giving a higher chance for possible depression, risk of heart attack and other diseases.

So having the habit of negative thinking and surrendering to a negative attitude is a big “NO” for your health. Start focusing more on how to reduce the risk of being tempted to anger and other negative feelings. Instead, have the habit of positive self-talk. Cheer up and propel yourself to positive vibes.

Bad Habit #2: Putting too much on your list of schedule.

It may be quite a good feeling whenever you are extremely productive in your busy lifestyle. Unfortunately, it can also lead you in getting the bad habit of over-scheduling. You might think that you are as strong as Wonder Woman or Superman but squeezing too much on your schedule can make you overwhelmed and exhausted.

The idea of doing everything all in one go can harm your health because there will be constant rushing from doing one thing into another – therefore forgetting what’s really important.  You must avoid it at all cost. It often creates unnecessary stress and negative impact on the way of eating or even sleeping patterns. So be mindful of your daily schedule to avoid over-booking. Have a good schedule plan that balances your priorities, meal prepping and even allotting extra time for leisure.


Bad Habit #3:  Eating while Movie/TV Binge-ing.

Who doesn’t love to enjoy sedentary but albeit joyous hours of binge watching? Let’s admit it. We can be quite guilty especially when there are a good movie and popcorn or pizza! It is indeed easy to spend a whole day by the couch or in your room. Plus there are other online entertainment sites like Netflix that can offer incredible access on various movies so it may seem that there’s no limit for bingeing. However, no matter how awesome it is, we must set some rules. With binge-ing of your favorite movie or season of your favorite TV show, you must balance it with an adequate physical activity.

It is important to at least have 150 minutes or more than 2 hours of walking, running or any particular physical activity per week. You may try doing some yoga, aerobic or fitness routine so your body will not be weak. Sitting for hours can also harm your health and of course, your eyes need some rest too. It is also a bad influence and may stimulate wrong decisions for your eating choices because usually, you will be craving for unhealthy snacks while watching. Instead, why not try to build a fitness habit so that way you can get fit and secure your wellness. If you are not quite ready yet to let go of the days you allot for binge-watching, you can try assigning a particular day in a week in which you can watch but remember to balance it by spending the rest of the week with running on a treadmill or fitness training. 


Bad Habit #4: Procrastinating is acceptable.

There are instances that you want procrastinating things. Due to certain factors, you might be immersed in the habit of putting things off. You tend to delay such important tasks which then may lead to much worse results.

Did you know that this is significantly associated with your health? Headaches, colds, digestive issues, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, insomnia, and flue may actually be negative consequences due to the stress of delaying such inevitable scenario. There are cases that we fear of the doing things because our mind says that there will be unfavorable results. Perhaps we fear failure that is why instead of facing the challenge head-on, we take the other route.  But it is not the right way to handle things. We should NEVER PROCASTINATE things. It will only give you stress, frustration to close unmet deadlines and even affect your health. Fight it off and be more proactive!



Bad Habit #5: You always put yourself last.

Being kind-hearted is an admirable trait. It is quite a lovely picture once you saw a person putting the needs of others before their own. There is nothing wrong with that, however, there is a downside. Just as how a coin has different sides, having the habit of being too kind can give a bad effect to you and your health. How? By helping other people, you are actually taking care of their worries as well. You will have the tendency to put stress on yourself by solving their problems and exerting effort to care for them which then may lead to neglecting your own needs. It is important to take time to put attention to yourself as well because you are not a robot. You also need some love and care. Try practicing “Self-care” habit so you can secure your wellness. By doing this, you’ll be able to provide better care to others as well. Remember, it is not a selfish act to care for yourself!

So be brave and break these bad habits. If you have one of these, believe in yourself because we know you can do it! Together, let us help you create new and healthy habits by checking our blog. Aside from finding cool workout outfits, awesome discounts await you! Start by signing up for our VIP membership club and live a healthier lifestyle today!