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Getting to Know All About Workout Fragrance

Too caught up with your intense workout? Most of the time, people tend to forget something like eating or having a proper rest time just because they are too focused in working out towards their fitness goals. However, we must not be lenient in doing the things we actually have to do and give enough attention in order to truly care for our overall wellbeing.

As such, it is never an excuse to be careless with your hygiene. It is not wrong to be a bit self-conscious with how you look and smell since it is important to practice self-love; just as how we previously shared with you. Let’s admit it, spending a lot of time at the gym or working out at home means we can expect a lot of sweating and sticky feeling. No one is actually exempted from experiencing it. Also, we cannot escape the possibility of clashing smells of exercise and your well-loved perfume invading our nostrils. You might even end up having a recollecting memory of locker rooms cloudily-filled by nauseatingly sweet body mists and body odor back from junior-high days. But now that you’re a full-pledge adult and career woman, you might be looking for ways on how to stay fresh and positively smell good even though you had an intense workout session at the gym. Simply relying on store-bought deodorant and fragrance of your favorite bath soap might not be enough. We’ll share you some secrets on how to prevent workout stank and be able to learn the right scents that’s perfect for you!


Why Scent is Currently A Workout Trend?

With the popularity of “Gym selfies”, wearing makeup becomes a trend. But do you want to know what’s currently new for the fitness trends? It isa Workout Fragrances! Hoping to smell good is a natural instinct for everyone as it is one of the important senses we highly value; though quite often forgotten.   

Basically, the idea of workout fragrance is promoting the chance to efficiently work with perfumes that tolerably go well even when you sweat. Just as how music gives you the groove for a better workout, there are particular scents that will also help you get amped for your fitness routines. Generally speaking, a smell can affect your other senses and is quite an influential factor over our emotions, mood, physical performance and even cognitive function abilities.  Specific smell can create an impact on a person’s perspective wherein a smell may give a happy vibe, motivate, relax, or be annoyingly stinky enough to make you grumpy.  

Concoction of cologne or perfume can make a change with your workout performance that is why a lot of people are interested in having a deeper understanding with workout fragrances. As such, it can create a beneficial hormonal reaction that may affect strength, increase on stamina, improve your reflexes, energized your frame of mind and directly impact you physiologically. With our olfactory preferences, different perfumes can be used as your personal triggering point for a workout while having the bonus of being fresh and fragrant.


Finding Your Workout Fragrance

You can actually (and responsibly) get away with scenting and sweating if you know how to use the uniqueness of every fragrance. It can’t certainly hurt or make someone pass out with such unbearable smell as long as you know how to control the scents of cologne or perfume. With the following workout fragrance tips, we’ll guide you on how to get the mood right, experience happy sweating and be confident all throughout the day!


Relaxing Scents

Aromas are the great motivator and certain scent invigorates a particular sense of feeling. When you are at a Yoga class or Pilates you might want to keep a bottle of classics perfumes. Since yoga practice primarily taps your brain and soul, the best choice are relaxing scents.  Great examples are colognes or perfumes with the scents of lavender, sandalwood, myrrh, ginger, vanilla, amber, cinnamon, rosemary, juniper and sage. These warm and aromatic scents relieve tension and initiate a calming or tranquil effect to your body and mind.


Fruity and Citrusy

If you wish to feel fresh and energized, then choose colognes or perfumes that are fruity and citrusy. Lighter scents are less noticeable compared to deep, muskier ones but work enough to keep you fresh and smell nice all day long. You can go for fresh boosting scents of oranges, peppermint, lime and lemon. Or you can choose from the sweet smell of tangerine, melon, grapefruit, pineapple, mango, and pear.  These scents will give you a dose of power up energy for any intense workout routines.



Popular Perfume Brands

Every fragrant has different components concocted to produce unique scents. As such, certain brands are hailed to be better compared to others since most sprays are alcohol-based. When you are planning to buy a branded perfume, it is recommended to look out for the ones that are oil-based so you can easily roll and let it seep directly to your skin, keeping you fragrant. However, may we suggest these following awesome perfume brands ideal for every woman no matter how active they are with fitness.

  • Aqua di Gioa by Giorgio Armani
  • Bergamot by (MALIN+GOETZ)
  • Petitgrain Perfume Oil by (MALIN+GOETZ)
  • Romance by Ralph Lauren
  • Infusion de Tubereuse by Prada
  • Luna Rossa Sport by Prada
  • CK One by Calvin Klein
  • Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Summer

You must also be courteous with your perfume. Make sure to apply it 20 minutes before you start your workout so the strong scents from the newly sprayed perfume will dissipate evenly; particularly when you’ll be exercising at a confined area like a yoga studio. Once you follow this, you can be confident and smell heavenly!


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