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Fitness 101: What Are the Strengths of Strength Training?


One of the main targets of almost every workout is your muscle. You can infuse fitness routines that primarily focus on your core muscles, muscles on your arms, your thighs, glutes or hamstrings.  It basically depends on the purpose of working out – whether it is about getting a smaller waist, toned abs, or perhaps building muscle mass. As such, many fitness programs evolved to level things up in terms of pushing your body towards your workout goals. But what does actually makes Strength Training different from any other workouts?

As the name suggests, this is a type of training that highly specializes the use of resistance along with the function of muscle contraction in order to promote muscle strength while building up the anaerobic or overall body endurance. It is also considerably perceived as the foundation of athleticism. So you probably be seeing more about weightlifting and not-so-human feat.  However, it is more than just about getting big and bulky muscles. Challenging your muscles with Strength Training helps in making your bones stronger along with developing your balance and promoting coordination skills. It is quite beneficial to your health the same way as it is an efficient exercise in burning calories or unwanted fats.

However, most people tend to have misconceptions with Strength Training. Common reasons and somewhat excuses in regards to objecting it are being too boring or safety concerns as it seems to be quite dangerous particularly for older adults who wish to workout. Meanwhile, for most women, they fear the possible drastic result of getting bulky which is in fact a myth. With resistance training, you will become stronger and lean – not bulky like the ones usually portrayed in bodybuilding magazines. Familiarizing the variety of resistance exercise along with the equipment you can use in the routines can actually make you see how it is less daunting and may provide assurance in regards to safety as long as you know where to start and how to work with it in accordance to your fitness goals.  It is essential to have a clear understanding before giving it a cold shoulder. You might be surprise on how amazing the strengths are of Strength Training!


Reasons Why You Should Try Strength or Resistance Training

Why should you tone up? Wouldn’t it be enough to do some cardio to get the shape you want for your body? Even if you got the waistline you’ve been dreaming to have, it will be not sufficient enough to celebrate and call yourself healthy. Why? It is important to check if you are indeed strong in combination with the right body built.  So let us share everything you need to know about this training and the reasons why you should be convinced to workout on your strength.


It helps you burn more fat and build stronger muscle.

Basically, the principle for Strength Training is to rev up the muscles into working against a weight or force so as to build resistance and endurance. This usually involves weight machines, free weight and resistance bands which develop more than just your muscles. It will improve your ligament strength, the density of your bones, along with tendon and joint function. As you exert an effort in building your strength and muscles, you are metabolically active which allows you to burn more fat or calories. A lot of studies show that gaining an estimated 1 pound of muscle, your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) will speed up allowing you to lose 30-50 calories.  As it targets all major muscle groups, it simultaneously manages the muscle-to-fat ratio so you can efficiently keep watch on your weight while being able to focus in toning yourself with strength and endurance to keep going.


It gives you a stronger stature to avoid injury.

Actually, this type of fitness training is just one component of an all-around workout program. Essentially, it improves your muscular strength which also covers endurance, flexibility along with ability to recover. It will also gradually increase muscle growth thus giving you the ability to neurologically adapt in correlation to recruiting, repairing and regenerating muscle tissues and fibers. As it helps you build muscle mass, it will be easier for you to work out longer. However, it is recommended to talk to a trainer in order to do your strength exercise correctly. With the assistance and guidance of a certified trainer, you can effectively design your routines and received suggestion on proper techniques thus keeping you safe from potential accidents. By doing so, you have trained yourself to be tough against potential threats of injuries. With strong muscles means you have strong bones and a better physique that can withstand stress or accidents while performing everyday tasks. After all, we always have a battle to conquer- may it be at home or at work.


It offers health benefits.

With Resistance Training, you can expect long-term health benefits. Generally, it makes you healthier in so many ways like improving your cholesterol level, having a better control on your blood sugar, increases bone density and reduces your resting blood pressure. It has proven to be a great help in prevent correcting issues related to cholesterol, obesity, high blood, diabetes and other degenerative conditions. With Strength Training you can expect a bigger chance of acquiring a stronger heart. Aside from that, it also prevents or lessens the risks of arthritis, stroke, Fibromyalgia, lower back pain, spinal cord injuries and Lymphedema. There are also research studies proving how it become an influential factor in the improvement for people with Parkinson’s disease, Down Syndrome, cancer patients and even those who suffer clinical depression.


It improves your mood, makes you younger and boosts your confidence.

It is not actually boring because you can incorporate various routines. You’ll realize that it is not just fun but quite self-gratifying. Working out with resistance exercises is effective in pushing you towards your fitness goals and provides a good dose of challenge if you’re looking the thrill of a competitive sport. It doesn’t just simply make you look good – physically, but makes you feel better inside. You’ll most likely find yourself with more energy and confidence. As it increases your cognitive function, it increases your sense of well-being by having a better overall mood with less worries, anxiety and stress.  In fact, this training is not limited to young adults but even the 60 years old can also enjoy the benefits from Strength Training. Plus the progress you make can be visibly seen as you level up the training – which is totally rewarding!


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