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Fitness 101: Exercises That Every Woman Should Master

Whether you are a novice or not, nothing could hinder you from exploring the awesome benefits you can attain from working out. However, before you get excited and immerse yourself in your routines, let us share with you the best exercises that every woman should be doing at least once at the gym. With the countless number of workout variations, there are special workout plans comprised of exercises that particularly target a certain part of your body you wish to improve. Regardless of your fitness level, the following exercises are undeniably beneficial specifically to women. No matter what your body type and fitness goals, each of these routines recognize every woman’s unique needs. So why not try to master one, two or all of these female-friendly workouts!

Workouts That You Should Be Doing

Women have a very unique physique that’s way different from men. Highlighting the distinct strength of a woman and the fiery determination to overcome any workout challenge, check out these go-to moves that are effective and ideal for every female training plan. We understand how it may seem an intimidating endeavor for a very delicate lady. But with the proper understanding of your body, learning how every movement works, you can confidently walk into the gym and fabulously rock every routine thus allowing you to achieve a fit and healthier bod!


  1. Step Ups

First you have to keep in mind the essentiality of stretching which is the basic routine for every workout. However, make sure that you also include Step-ups to your fitness or training plan. Since it is important to properly condition your body before you perform high-intensity exercises, this routine is a great choice to help your body get ready.  Simply stand in front of a bench and lift one your right foot to firmly step on the bench’s surface. Place your weight on your right foot so you can push your body up and towards the bench. Your left foot should now be standing straight and aligned together with your right foot.  Then slowly lower yourself back to the initial position so your right foot is touching the ground. Make sure that when you perform this routine, keep your core engaged, chest up and balance is evenly distributed to your entire body.


  1. Squats

As we have mentioned before, squats are one the great exercises you must not underestimate. Its’ versatility power and benefits you can gain from it, are undeniably a great help so you acquire the body you have always been dreaming to have; particularly in terms of having a better butt. There are different variations for squats which you can try. However, performing the Classic Squat is also considered a good start. All you need to do is stand on your feet a bit wider than hip-width apart. Push your hips outwards as you lower yourself. Ensure that your back and shin angle are parallel to each other. Clasp your hands together and tighten your core. Hold the position for a few minutes and then slowly retrace back into the standing stance. You can further challenge yourself with different squat variations.


  1. Deadlift

This is considered to be one of the strength training routines which can help you build muscle mass, burn fat and lets you develop a stronger body. There are many styles and routines for deadlifts wherein you can either use barbells or simply performing movement pattern targeting your glutes. For starters, you can try the Single-Leg Deadlift. With dumbbells on each hand, put all of your weight and balance your body by standing on your right foot. You must lift your left foot behind and slightly bend your knee. Ensure that the leg you have placed behind you is parallel to the ground. Then bend your hips forward so you can bring upper body as low as you can. Hold the position for a few minutes. Afterwards, push yourself back up to the first stance. Please keep your chest up and core engaged throughout the routine.


  1. Torso Twist

It is considered to be one of the simple routines you can do at home or anywhere since it doesn’t require any equipment. For some people, it appears to be effortless and somehow not so-needed but this can actually produce seriously positive results to your body. This targets your shoulders, abs, and thighs. You can start this routine by standing your feet in a considerable distance – not too close and not too far. Lift your arms outward to your side, like forming a wing-like form. Then bend your elbows so your hands should be by your ears. Close each hand into a fist then gradually twist your torso as your left elbow is casted downward to your right knee. Perform the same process for 30 seconds and then switch sides.

  1. Lunges

This is rather ideal for women because we have wider hips than men. Among the variations of lunges, it is recommended to perform Lateral lunges and Walking lunges which both stabilizes the hips and helps strengthen the knees. You can simply try the Lateral Lunges first wherein your feet is places in a narrow stance. Step to the right side while maintaining your right foot in a forward point position. Make sure that your knee is aligned over your foot. Slowly sink your right hip down but keep your left leg straight as possible. To balance your body, squeeze through the hips so you can be stable with the stance. Then bring your left leg in to finally step your feet together as the last movement for this routine.


  1. Push-Ups

This is not just for men. Women can do it too! This targets your arms, chest muscles and your core which can also be a great way to be bikini-ready once summer comes! Simply get down on all fours. Firmly press your hands with fingers spread out. Make sure that your arms are aligned to your shoulders while your feet are placed close together. Slowly lower your body as much as you could. If you can bring your chest nearly touching the ground, that will be advantageous to you but if not, it is alright. You can level things up once you master the push-up routines. Once you have bring yourself low to the ground, slowly push back to the initial stance. It is important that you keep your hips balanced and lifted all throughout the routine.


  1. Plank

If you wish to know the exercise that can help you tighten and reduce your waistline other than cardio, then this is the routine for you! This targets your abdominal muscles that can effectively create good results. Start by lying with only your left side touching the ground. Straightened your knees then prop your upper body with your left elbow and forearm. Slowly lift your hip off the ground so your body should now be creating an angle. Your ankles and shoulder should be aligned. Hold the position for 30 seconds and then you can turn around to switch with the other side.


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