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Effective and Easy Ways to Track your Fitness Progress

After a week of sweat and burning of calories, it is only natural to be curious and wonders if you are indeed working towards a promising positive result.  Once you have decided to work out and be healthy, it is important to track your progress. Setting a fitness routine or going for a run every morning and even cutting the amount of food you eat, are not enough to reach a different pant size. As a matter of fact, it isn’t simple to achieve the transformation you desire. After all, fitness is a journey.  That is why, if you wish to break out the cycle, erase the fear of fruitless workout and start achieving worthwhile results you deserve, check these tips below!

Here are empowering ways that can effectively help you in tracking your fitness progress. They are easy to follow so you will have no problem in measuring the possible success of your fitness journey!


Don’t Rely Too Much on Scales.

Many people have the same desire as you, to lose weight and get a perfectly-toned body. However, it is not just about setting up a training plan because getting the right amount of healthy food is also a contributing factor for you to be fit and healthy. As such, one of the common mistakes most people do is to be overly focused on the number they see on the scales. But it doesn’t actually tell the whole story of your fitness progress.

Don’t be too attached on your scales. We know how it can be a daunting task to step into a scale and anticipate the resulting number. If it is still high or you think you are not losing any weight, don’t give up. You’ll realize that there is more to check with your body.  Even though you think that you didn’t lose weight at all, you might discover that you actually lost inches and body fat. This especially happens when you are working out on your strength and resistance training rather than doing cardio exercise.

You’ll get different results between strength training and cardio. When it comes to strength workouts, you tend to lose fat and gain more muscle which then leads to getting the same or an increase in number on scales. Meanwhile, if it is cardio, you lose both fat and muscle so the number on scales will surely drop; though it brings you in a weaker side in terms of body strength. 


Challenge Yourself Week by Week.

There are many workout routines and training plans you can choose from and each exercise is purposely created to improve a particular part of your body. As such, tracking your progress is important so you can determine if you are making developments and getting stronger; since gaining strength is one of the goals when it comes to fitness.

Once you have decided to workout, it is necessary to not give up. The results you’ve wanted can’t be simply achieved after a few days of working out. That is why you have to continuously train and keep going with your routine. What’s the best way to do that? Challenge yourself every day. When you are feeling lax while thinking that you can continue your workout the next day, you have to fight that kind of temptation. It is natural to experience such instances of wanting to break your workout cycle. However, think of what you can gain if you persevere and battle them out.

You need to believe in yourself and push yourself to do better.  Week by week, you can try increasing the reps and weights you’ve previously done. If you do the same 10 kg at squats 3 sets of the 10 reps, then it seems like you are just staying in one place – not moving forward to reach your fitness goal.

For example on Week 1, you can try 10kgs squats for 3 sets of 10 reps. On Week 2 you can increase it into 15kgs squats for the same 3 sets of 10 reps. Retain it for the Week 3. Then on Week 4, you can then increase again and this time it will be 25kgs squats for 3 sets of 10 reps.  You can also ask for more advice from a professional fitness trainer.

Improve your Body with these Telling Workouts

We know how difficult it is to prepare a training plan since you can’t simply head to a gym and check what equipment you can try for the day. So let us show you how to properly track your progress with these following “Telling Moves” and you can incorporate them into your workout plan.

  1. Push-Ups (30 minutes)

One of the basic moves when it comes to a fitness routine is the Push-up.  Even you are a beginner or a fitness enthusiast you can perform this kind of exercise. Start with a high push-up position on the yoga mat you’ve prepared or on the floor. You have to bend your elbows and lower your chest towards the floor. Do it for 30 seconds.  Make counts for every time your chest is a fist-distance away from the floor. In case you are not totally ready for floor push-ups, you can try using a Smith Machine and perform an elevated push-up. Simply place the bar in chest level/height. After a few weeks, you can then challenge yourself and see how stronger you’ve become by lowering the bar a notch together with increasing the number of repetitions. You can get to tell your progress if you can overcome the challenge you’ve set from an elevated push-up until you can master floor push-up.

  1. Plank Hold (1 minute)

You can prepare a yoga mat for performing this routine.  Lie face-down but distance your body from the floor with your forearms as your support. Make sure that your elbows are aligned with your shoulders while your legs are extended out. Test yourself on how long you can hold the plank without breaking the position. This will challenge your strength and control wherein you must not sink through your midsection or raise your hips while performing the plank.  You can start off on knee plank and the level it up into a full plank. By increasing the length of hold, you can then measure your fitness progress. Plus you can add difficulty into the routine like combining it with a 1-leg lift.

Other “Telling moves” you can also try are Floating Lunges, Squat Jumps and Pull-Ups.  However, whichever routine you choose, keep in mind that you have to be consistent. It is essential to keep going, repeat the experience and make a record of your performance scores. Look back from what you’ve felt when you are starting on the first week until you can pat yourself at the back for how far you’ve reached. Also, instead of using the scale you can track your progress is by taking“Before-and-After” photos. Keep a work diary wherein you can write down your measurements and your food diet because it is a must to track what you eat. To make it more fun, you can also create a Progress Check Chart and pin some stars once you completed the challenge!

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