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Does Biking Works Out For Your Fitness Goals?

Did you know that biking is more than just a part of childhood memories? You might have learned how fun it is to ride a bike when you were young but aside from the learning skills and the excitement you’ve felt, there is more you can acquire from it? Whether you love bike-riding or not, it offers essential points for your body so stepping it up as you grow and become an adult you are today can actually give surprising advantages for your fitness goals!

Is Bike-Riding Good Enough?

There are so many things we enjoy doing to the point of being so in-loved with it – like cycling. Can you still remember the first time you learn to ride a bike? Or have you missed out on the fun? No need to worry, because there’s still time to join the cycling family and know the benefits and of course reasons why you should incorporate cycling as one of your exercise regimens.

Biking is generally considered as a top-notch cardio exercise that primarily targets your lower body specifically the legs, glutes, and hips. Unlike our high-intensity cardio, this is quite gentle on your back, ankles, and knees so it is a great choice for the whole family if you are planning to bond through your workouts. Regardless of age, gender or fitness level, anybody can bike and enjoy the fun along with the benefits that come with it. Plus it is quite versatile because you can go cycling inside the comfort of your home or be free to explore country lanes and set schedule for mountain biking with your friends. 

Here are the reasons why you should consider cycling as a great exercise which can take you a step closer to your fitness goal – or rather let you discover more about your body and health!


A Smart Way to Burn Calories

Let’s admit it; we exercise to get the body we want. So we usually go for high-intensity workouts and strict diets to cut down some unwanted fats (specifically belly fat). However, with cycling, you can lose weight and acquire so much more positive fitness results! Compared to running and other cardio exercises, biking is a low-impact workout. But it doesn’t mean you’ll get to exercise in such low-intensity approach. It can definitely get your heart rate up and burn a lot of calories while being gentle to your joints.  Most trainers recommend at least one hour of biking if you are 155 lb persons in order to burn an approximate of 598 calories. For an estimated 10 miles per hour of leisure biking, you can lose around 281 calories. If you are aiming for more, then a vigorous cycling workout can make you lose about 739 calories. So try aiming for a steady cycling (like biking twice for a day) and you’ll soon be burning more calories!

This is also a serious workout for your core while engaging your arms and back muscles whenever you navigate up or down hills. Whether you are into stationary biking or an outdoor cyclist, both make your heart stronger.


Builds Your Muscles

Cycling is a good muscle workout because it uses all the major muscle groups. As you pedal, it primarily targets your quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves – which make it quite ideal for your muscle training! Basically, it works at your ankles and way up to your lower back so cycling is not only for the purpose of burning fats but also helps you build muscles. Did you know that with a higher percentage of muscle, you can actually burn more calories? Plus develops your balancing skills and improve your upper body strength.


Gives You More Energy

We indeed get tired from running or any other exercise you’ve done for the day. But with cycling, you’ll tend to feel less stiff and sore. As it increases your stamina and challenges your strength ability, it also improves your body coordination along with your joint mobility thus allowing you to smartly move and use just enough energy in certain actions.


Helps You “Age Well”

Aside from helping you burn calories, acquire strong muscles and even strengthening your immune system, what matters more is how it can influence your inner self. Did you know that you can also benefit an increase in life expectancy from cycling? Yes, daily rides on your bike can actually grant you a healthier and happier lifestyle.

With every wind or breeze that fan across your face whenever you are cycling, gives you an undeniable sense of being free. There are a good number of researches which promotes how cycling optimizes the aging process; making a cyclist physiologically and biologically younger than a person who ignores biking. The sensation an individual may acquire from daily bike rides can provide a massive and euphoric effect which magically add life to your life – meaning an extra dose of fun for you!


More Benefits You Can Imagine

Don’t put limitations to biking because rather than seeing it as one of the popular pastimes, it will give you an incomparable freedom and fun along with benefits that are great for your health.

  • Lifts your Mood
  • Feel Less Stress
  • Sleep Better
  • Better Lung Health
  • Improves your Posture
  • Sharpens your Mind and Boost your Mental Wellness
  • Develop your Handling, Spacial Awareness and overall Navigational Skills.
  • Lowers the risk of Heart disease and reduces the threat of Cancer.
  • A great way to increase your social circle.
  • Saves Money in terms of transportation.


So make sure to invest a good amount of time for biking and you’ll soon acquire a better health score! It’s time to be deeply involved with the fun and beneficial wonder of cycling!


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