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Discovering the Power of Water Fasting

People tend to go crazy on diets and ways on how to lose weight and get the body shape they want. Recently among the various known diets, water fasting has been popularized.  Though don't get the wrong idea of fasting - wherein you subject yourself to hunger.  It is actually not about nutritional deprivation but it is a cleansing diet which promotes autophagic state while at the same time reinvigorates your health.


We have always been advised by doctors and health professionals to drink plenty of water so we stay hydrated. With Water Diet, it is a type of fasting that restricts everything except water. It has become popular because of its quick and effective way to lose weight. Some do water diet for spiritual and religious reasons. Nevertheless, it is perceived to be able to help fend off the attacks or potential threat of certain health conditions.


Amazing Benefits of Water Fasting

The reason why most are so into water fasting is because it is safe to use. We all need water in our body, right? Plus it is easy to do and manage. The health benefits of water had already been proven. Several studies have already testified how water diet or water fasting can provide many health benefits like lowering the risk of chronic disease. It also assist in regulating the body’s digestive system and helps in repairing old as well as damaged tissues.


Here are the other amazing benefits you can expect from Water Diet:

Weight Loss

The benefit that interests most people is weight loss. It helps you burn your fat cells for energy instead of the food that you eat. Plus what makes it ideal is being quite fairly safe unlike drinking pills or other preemptive solutions just to cut down unwanted belly fats.


Slows Aging

Going for a water diet or water fasting can also help reduce oxidative damage and inflammation. Besides, there is no better way other than drinking lots of water if you wish to properly cleanse and replenish your body. 


Promotes Autophagy

Autophagy is the state when the body breaks down to repair and recycle old cells. Water fasting encourages its own mechanism to repair the damaged cells and prevent dangers.


Improve Insulin and Leptin Sensitivity

Research shows that water fasting improves the sensitivity of insulin and leptin. It makes the hormones more effective. Leptin and Insulin are responsible for the body’s metabolism.

Lowers Blood Pressure

According to health researches, supervised water fast may help people with high blood pressure. Those who have undergone the tests have noticed the drop on their blood pressure to normal level.  This discovery has been one of the new breakthroughs that challenge how we initially believed on water as being just a common hydrant source of nutrients.


Lower the Risk of Several Chronic Diseases

There are several evidences that prove that water fasting can lower the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart diseases.


How to Perform Water Diet or Water Fasting

It is crucial to plan when you want to try fasting. If you are a first timer and haven’t done fasting yet, you shouldn’t force yourself to do a 30-day straight fasting right away right after you decide that you want to. There is a right way to do any cleansing diet. Water diet is safe but if incorrectly done it may only lead you to danger and harm. The best option before starting fast is to seek advice from a trusted healthcare provider to ensure the effectivity and safety.

Make sure to prepare your body for a few days without food before you start the water diet. You can do this by eating smaller portions to skipping a meal for a day.

Here are the simple steps you can do to start your water diet or water fasting:


Step 1: Select the time you want to do your water fast. If it’s your first time, it’s best that you choose short-term fast.

Step 2: Choose a period when you start fasting that will not interfere with your daily routine

Step 3: Prepare yourself for possible side effects of water diet or water fasting such as a headache, nausea, and dizziness. Stop or pause when any of these symptoms occur before they get worse.

Begin Water Fasting

Step 4: Get enough rest when you start. You may feel a sudden drop of energy and stamina. Reserve your energy for more important matters.

Step 5: Drink 7 –8 glasses, 8 oz each. It is best to drink purified or distilled water. Tap water may contain toxins and chemicals that are harmful to your body.

Step 6: Don’t break your fast especially with large meals. Do eat smaller portions and evaluate if your body reacts negatively to it.

There are a lot of struggles like is water diet or water fasting really will help me with my health goal?  There will be many what if’s. Instead of being too suspicious about everything, look the other way around. Water is essential to us. It is indeed one thing that sustains life. Water diet or water fasting is just your options for whatever reason you may have. If in doubt, you may go and visit a trusted health care provider to ask how water diet works and guide you through the whole process.

Just like any other fasting, water diet or fasting may have its cons but it is best to follow the right procedure to achieve the full effects. Do not rush. The body has its own way to cope up, heal and repair itself. You just need to control the food and drinks you take in in order for it to function properly.

Water diet or water fasting is never an overnight process. Be consistent and dedicated. Soon enough you will see the beautiful and dramatical changes in your body and its excellent health benefits. Water diet is a natural way to help the body get back on track. Always choose cleaner, healthier and natural options especially when it is for your health and wellness. Never compromise and believe those products that promote quicker effects. The beauty comes from within so as they, so make sure that you keep your inner health clean, healthy and beautiful because it will radiate on the outside.


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