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Beginner’s Guide: How-To-Start Tips For Absolute Fitness Success

Today, you’ve decided to start your fitness journey. High-five to that my friend! But it is more than getting your running shoes, donning in your workout outfit and looking for a gym. Now that you have the determination to take the first step in transforming yourself with an improved body and healthier mind, let us share the top 3 must-know tips for beginners. With these tips, you’ll have more than just an idea of how to start your fitness journey!



#1 Prepare Like There’s A Battle.

Nothing beats a person who is prepared and ready for anything! The first way to secure success with your fitness journey is to make sure that you have what you need. Before you get fired up with the exercise routines, take time to check the things that can help you throughout the process.

Sneakers, workout outfit and even to the tiniest details of a hair ponytail can make a difference. Why? Perhaps you are thinking that it isn’t important but it actually matters! You have to be attentive to these things. It is necessary to wear a comfortable shoe that is specifically made for athletics. It should be closed-toe with a solid heel in order to give good support for your feet and toes. Sports-specific athletic shoes provide a proper fit so it can accommodate the pressure and impact of every movement in any strenuous activity or workout. Same goes for your outfit. It is recommended to wear the right clothes built for your training and will not hinder any of your exercise drills. You can go with sportswear leggings, running tank tops or a short-sleeve sportswear T-shirt. So when deciding what to wear, it should give you comfort and style. Look out for the performance wear with a personality that can help you throughout the routines because those will be your specific weapon to battle out any workout challenge.


#2 Set Up Your Training Plan

We all know how important exercise is for the body. It is like a magic pill that can help people prevent, cure and recover from diseases. It is not just about improving your muscles and getting the right curves. There are exercise routines which are particularly set to implicate the much-needed cure for example with arthritis and even for the heart. That is why it is necessary to know the ideal routine and set up a training plan that is perfect for you and your body.

Do you wish to have stronger thighs? Want to make your muscle firmer and well-toned? It is not actually easy to pick an exercise plan especially if you are determined to get all of them in one go. A lot of workout programs can be somehow confusing since you’ve seen plenty of them on TV, magazines, social media platforms and downloadable apps. But once you found the right training plan, you can jump over the first hurdle.

Different workout plans are set for specific goals and naturally, we want to get the most out of the workout. The top reminder for you is to never be hasty. Carefully lay out what you want to achieve. Full-body exercises like squats, push-ups, triceps, and burpees can help you get fit in less time. They are more functional particularly in real-life situations unlike simply focusing in isolation muscle exercises of bicep curls or calf raises.

Though you can’t instantly lose weight and get fit, there are ways and certain adjustments to speed up the results. The first week or month of training will be quite demanding. Even if it is your first-time holding a weight or setting foot in a gym, you can try this workout plan we would like to recommend not just for beginners but to others who want to get back in track from their absence in training.

The Full-body training split is a program for your major body parts. It will train your whole body wherein every workout session is focused on a particular body part. For three days, perform one exercise routine such as free-weight movements and other basic moves. Learning them and mastering these types of exercise will be a great help for long-term gains and supplementary for next workout challenge. Make sure to set a day to rest in between each workout so your body can recover. Ideal schedule of training is the “M-W-F” which is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; giving you extra rest days on weekends.


#3 Know What Keeps You Going

Exercise can be a daunting task since you want to get it right. So if you want to stay ahead of the game and lead it into fruition, you must have a prepared heart and determined mind. If you are disheartened because you don’t have a gym membership, you shouldn’t be. As long as you want to get in shape, you can workout anywhere! Why not start first at your home or in a nearby park. You can perform some cardio, burn fats, and build up your muscle with certain routines that don’t need workout equipment.

The key to achieving your goal is to have a strong motivation. There are temptations of quitting even before you get to be deeply immersed in your fitness plan. If you saw brawny dudes there are a few possibilities of being intimidated or doubt yourself if you can actually pull it through the end. Instead, make it your motivator even if you don’t have a competitive nature. Having a dedicated workout partner can push you into giving a fiery effort to go farther and trigger you to keep going longer. Having a personal trainer is also a good thing to consider. Some may think that they don’t need one but working with a professional trainer can kick-up your workout. They can help you in leveling-up your routines not just into overdrive but strategically design workout plans for you. It is easier and much beneficial if you got someone you can trust to remind you about the form and even advised you the proper techniques.


It doesn’t necessarily mean to follow a strict, do-or-die and time-consuming regimen at the gym. You can reap beneficial points from different types and levels of exercise as long as you are prepared, passionately follow your training program and the will to keep going. With these three, you are ready to get started!

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