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Are Your Working Out Just Enough For the Day?

How confident are you with your workout? If you are to rate your fitness progress what grade are you going to give? Or perhaps you are too motivated that you are overflowing with the urge to work harder today? Indeed, there are certain days wherein you are overly thrilled to bounce out of the bed and head out to the gym so you can start your fitness training. However, in some cases, too much excitement is not good.

So how many times do you need to perform per day? Is it enough to work out twice a day? Is a long period of fitness session alright and safe for your body? Let us share you the answers to these questions! 


Why Should You Monitor the Number of your Workout Session?

Usually, a trainer lays out how many times you should work out, or how often should you perform a certain routine. However, it is a different case if you don’t have a trainer because you prefer to do it alone. There is nothing wrong with working out by yourself but in this kind of situation, you’ll find it a bit confusing in regards to the timing and exact duration you need in order to get the results you want. After all, you want an effective workout session to your daily or weekly fitness regimen. 

The main thing you have to focus is the potential benefits associated with the length of your exercise. As such, the specific timings for each workout are subjected on what you want to achieve like building up your muscles, losing weight and strengthening your core. Therefore the answer to the number of workout session depends on you and your fitness goals. Though, here are some factors you can consider in figuring out the number you have to monitor for your workout session.

To Determine Your Exercise Frequency.

We usually refer to our schedule, physical condition and motivation when it comes to deciding on how long should you work out for a day. Though there isn’t actually a set recommendation for how many times you should exercise for a day or a week, there are specific timings and duration for each routine. Like for example when you wish to burn calories, you can try a range of 300 minutes per week or aim to lose 250 calories per hour by upgrading your routine. The trick lies in aiming to improve your exercise resulting to strengthening your endurance. Some workouts may take longer in accordance to your activity level but working out twice a day can be highly beneficial. It can increase your muscle mass and give you durability in terms of strength over time. Maximize your body’s flexibility and amp your ability to fend off fatigue. By placing a good demand on your body, it allows yourself to grow twice as often and get more out of your workout.


To Effectively Balance It Out.

Two workout sessions a day is actually recommended in order to balance everything. However, please make sure that you are not overtraining yourself. There are high-intensity and low-intensity exercises which can give you different benefits and contribute to the results you want. Going for a two-day workout can help you to effectively balance the two types of exercise and become productive than before. Yet, it is important to pay attention to your body because you can become sluggish and feel burnt out if you suddenly change your sessions. Try sticking to your usual time and then once you feel your body is ready you can gradually ramp up the intensity and frequency of your workout. It is to ensure that it won’t be counterproductive to your training and allow your body to have enough recovery time.

To Properly Separate and Spread Out your Exercise Routine.

Once you have decided the layout of your training in regards to high-intensity and low-intensity exercises, you can also separate the day by splitting it for morning session and a half later session in the evening. This way, you can maximize your training or Gym Day and it is actually considered a good idea which can help you to reboot for the next workout. By doing so, you are capitalizing in breaking your routine and eventually let you acquire exponential results.


Knowing the Ideal Times for a Perfect Workout Routine

If you are having hesitations with the Two-A-day workout session, don’t be. It is practically safe as long as you know the restrictions and the proper approach to it.  As a matter of fact, it can be especially useful if it’s wisely done.

Here are some recommendations we would like to share with you. The following can efficiently lead you to a safer, better and quite effective training than you had before.

  • When it comes to Strength Training, it is advisable to perform at least 2 to 3 times per week. This targets your muscles, joints, and bones which mostly incorporate bodyweight moves resulting in a higher metabolic rate. You have to have a balance so alternating the strength training with other routines can give your body a variation on movements as well as a chance to recover. Basically, strength training can run for four to six weeks and then you can progressively increase by pushing it hard in the last week of your program.
  • When choosing between high-intensity and low-intensity exercises, it is best to do the high-intensity workout first. It is because your body has a higher level of energy at the morning so it will be easier for you to go all out at the first session. You can save lighter exercises or endurance-based routines for the latter half of the day.
  • For Cardio exercise, you can allow a 20-minute session daily and do it for 6 times per week if you aim to burn calories. Though the safest weekly rate of weight loss is actually 500 calories per day.
  • In case you’ve noticed that you’re growing too exhausted and sore, take a break-time to rest. Though with your “Rest Day”, you must not simply slouch on a couch because it should still be an active recovery. At least, try to rebuild your body with a certain activity that can make you active in a not-so-tiring way and support you in any residual fatigue. A great example for this is restorative yoga or a brisk walk at the park. You can aim to have your Rest-Day routine for about 30 minutes up to an hour, twice per week.

There is no simple formula in regards to how often you should work out. It actually relies on how you set the game plan that best suited for you and your goals. But these factors we have shared can be used as a guide that will help you reach out to what you want to achieve. It is okay to be an ardent gym-goer but it is also important to determine the reason why you are working out and eventually you’ll be able to effectively control your sessions into a success!

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